The Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK – what a load of old tosh?

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Many-many people will now have received on their own doorstep the unwanted mailshot peddling a Government plea for British voters to decide to remain in the dreadful EU.

There is a lot of rightful anger from all sides of the debate that some ten millions of pounds of taxpayers hard earned money has been squandered and wasted in this unjustified way, isn’t there?

While on strictly legal terms the Government can get away with doing it, but it flies in the face of the traditional British sense of fair play – they are trying to mark the voters’ card and abusing the system they have control over. Our own independent Electoral Commission certainly are not impressed and have been critical even of the fact that the normally required imprint of the publisher had been omitted – to disguise it from being a campaigning document on behalf of a ‘Remain’ vote. They have previously been similarly hacked-off by the Government’s attempt to select a a one-sided Referendum question and then by having their recommendation for the date setting ignored.

Even if one is prepared to set aside and ignore the right or wrong of what has happened in issuing this booklet delivery to all UK households, one still has to question the extravagant nature of it all. It is 16 pages thick and 7 of those are expensive to print glossy meaningless photographs to boot – a bit more than a standard normal election leaflet, wouldn’t you say?

Indeed the same rubbish information could have been prepared, published and disseminated at a fraction of the actual cost – say a couple of million pounds? This financially wasteful leaflet simply mirrors and aptly demonstrates the extravagance and poor approach to unfettered spending of the EU in general?

OK then, how does the actual content stack-up would YOU say? To any supporter of ‘Leave’ the answer to that is “it is a simple stitch-up”, and a further attempt by PM David Cameron to rig our ‘In-Out’ EU Referendum with blatant propaganda.

Look below at the individual points examined with some proper analysis and detailed dissection:

‘An important decision for the UK’

It is claimed that the UK has secured a special status in a reformed EU. What a travesty of the truth, eh? The EU is NOT reformed, will not SOON be reformed, and CANNOT ever be reformed, as we all know?

It suggests that we have now secured the right not to join the euro, whereas in fact we made that decision and established that right some 25 years ago (Maastricht treaty). On the contrary the EU have again made it plain that they will do everything in their power to skew legislation to give support to that currency and that our Government’s attempts to have any rightful say at the EU about euro issues have been utterly and completely rejected – there is no way on earth that the UK will be able to avoid the consequences of the euro if we stay in the EU, is there?

Oh yes, we keep our own so called inadequate and compromised border controls which force us into letting in any Tom, Dick, or Harry holding EU documentation however achieved, and moreover we can never deport them whatever their behaviour or risk to our society.

That we will not be forced into further political integration is a meaningless myth, because the EU has said it is continuing on that road whatever, so if we remain on the train so to speak, we cannot avoid the consequences of the destination we arrive at, can we?

There are no new restrictions YET in place on new EU immigrants raiding our welfare state and there remains a real risk of that NOT happening, and the one certainty is that the proposals are anything but ‘tough’ and nothing like originally demanded by the Government, eh?

A future commitment to reduce EU red tape is as reliable as a drunk’s New Year resolution to give up the booze, isn’t it? The deluge of EU directives will continue to ratchet-up, crushing our companies while hitting our bottom-line GNP in the process?

It is claimed that the leaflet sets out the facts and explains the choices faced – that is a pack of barefaced lies as it is a fibbing misleading bigoted set of incitements to try to prevent people from voting ‘leave’

And what would you do without the glossy accompanying page that pictures a calendar on a desk, in making your decision, eh?

‘A stronger econamy’

The EU may currently be our biggest ‘single’ export market with 44% – but what the Government don’t tell you is that it is a ‘dropping like a stone’ shrinking market, which used to give us some twenty percent more than that years ago. You don’t have to be a mathematician either to realize that the figures they quote means that we now sell a damn sight more elsewhere – 66% to be precise. Nor does it mention that being in the EU prevents us developing exports to the World’s expanding and exciting new markets where we want and need to be, surely? Does it warn people that the great bulk of British companies do no trade with Europe at all? NO, of course not.

It is pointed-out that that the EU market is as large as 500 million customers, but that is a only a potential of course (a bird in the bush no less), and worse still the document hides the fact that every single one of them therefore has the right to encamp unannounced in the UK at any time, with equal rights as our own citizens. The net influx of EU immigrants over the past decade has been immense and is likely to even escalate further with Spaniards and Italians joining in increasingly, as their own economic environments falter further

Investment in the UK is not tied to us being in the EU as implied, and the EU is not even the biggest investor, because investment is done solely to make money and not to help our economy or generously provide our society with jobs. This is amply demonstrated by while there is great uncertainty of Britain remaining in the EU, investment is currently at record levels, isn’t it?

It beggars belief to imply that our major industries listed will not continue to obtain their exports to the EU – they are successful ONLY because they are good at what they do and NOT because the UK is an EU member, eh?

Did a glossy picture of a couple of factory workers really help convince you that staying in the EU would give us a stronger economy, then?

‘Improving our lives’

There is no evidence at all that the cost of living would go up if we leave the EU or that there would be an increase of export costs – that is pure dumbing-down speculation. The value of the pound goes up and down all the time – when it goes down it actually increases our export potential as our goods are cheaper. The exchange rate against other currencies like the $ or is dependent on our economic performance and not about being in or out of the EU, as we all know? [the £ has been tumbling against the $ for the last five years and previously has hit a massive low against the €, all while we are still IN the EU].

For a quarter of a century, there has been a massive growth in air traffic through greater liberalisation of air markets, so travelling abroad has indeed benefited, but to claim that is all down to the EU is a joke. The main reason we have cheaper travel is in the main down to the advent of the budget ‘no-frill’ airlines of Ryanair, Easyjet, & the like, as everybody who travels to Europe knows only too well? The development of the Jumbo jet has also been a major factor, and any influence of the EU in contrast has been totally insignificant.

International traffic will continue to expand over the next couple of decades but the big growth areas will be Africa, Asia and South America – not Europe and nothing to do with the EU, certainly?

It is surprising that the Government deigned to mention your healthcare costs in European countries when health tourism costs this Country over a hundred million more in expensive treatment costs’ recoveries from our fellow EU partners (£155million paid out and we got in just a measly £30million in return – less than a fifth, eh?). That is all of course in addition to the many billions the EU immigrants are also costing our NHS, as well?

Did a glossy picture of a basket of shopping help to convince you that there would be a price risk economic shock if you vote to leave theEU?

‘What happens if we leave?’

The Government now seems to include Nostradamus who gives them an insight to the future so again they raise the spectre of reduced investment – when that prophecy flies in the face of events

The 10 years of ‘uncertainty’ that the Government predicts is more likely to be a decade of ‘self-belief’, and the pooh-hoo of the argument that we can get a good trade deal with the EU belies the fact that THEY need to trade with US more than we need to trade with them – THEIR jobs and industries depend on it, as can be shown by the exponential growth in goods & services imported from the EU over the past five years (the government misuse statistics to hide the fact that there is a crippling trade imbalance whereby in goods it had grown last year to its highest ever level of over eight BILLION pounds.

With over a hundred nations signed-up to the World Trade Organisation, we don’t have to be in a trading bloc – other major economies are not (say Japan or Brazil).

There is a false implication that Britain can’t get a better EU deal than other outsider countries when in reality our market is significantly more important and of radically higher attraction to the EU than say Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, or nor least Turkey – all who offer ‘insignificant’ attractions. The Swiss with bilateral agreements pay the EU just millions of Swiss Francs a year instead of billions for full membership, yet enjoy virtually free access to the EU market. Norway had to make a relatively few changes to its laws to make its products eligible for the EU marketplace, but we would have to make NONE. The Norwegians total net financial contribution for their trade agreement is a pittance compared to the gross annual cost that Britain must pay for EU membership.

We can be confident of establishing trade agreements not only with the EU but around the World as well, without being hampered and impeded by the latitude, bureaucracy, and incompetence introduced by the 27 other diverse nations, don’t you think?

Perhaps you understood the point of the accompanying glossy but unfathomable photo of a dock area that would bring some certainty to your decision, eh?

‘Controlling immigration and securing our borders’

As the Government says we have our own border controls and we did that against the wishes of the EU twenty years ago while the bulk of the other members are locked-in to abolished passport and any other type of border control at their mutual borders [They are regretting it now and ditching zero controls to desperately try to cope with the immigration crisis and the ongoing terrorist threats the latitude has allowed].

Oh yes, we have the right to ‘check’ everybody and then we are forced to let them in anyway if they are from the EU – what a joke?

The Government failed to secure their promised UK deal about immigrants’ benefits and not only is nothing yet in place, but any valuable restrictions will probably not last a year let alone anything like the 4 years claimed.

When out of the EU we will be able to allow immigration and will of course, but to restrict it to people that we actually want here who will be valuable to our community – but not the unwanted, the undesirables, and the criminals, surely?

They tell you that we will be safer in the EU and talk about intelligence from the other 27 countries whose cooperation will keep criminals and terrorists away. That analysis is fatally flaws as we know that the intelligence capability of even the major players like France, Belgium, and Germany are crap as shown by the dreadful atrocities carried-out there, and moreover ALL EU criminals including Romanian gangs have to be welcomed here with open arms, don’t they?

The slightly unfocused glossy picture of a Border force sign didn’t really convince that we really control our borders, did it?

‘The benefits of EU membership’

The emphasis made here is that all the 28 EU countries’ goal is aimed at the likes of economics and security when in fact it is stated outright that the aim is to create a United States of Europe with the EU providing the political and financial control over ALL member States. A so-called special status for Britain is just a mirage, as we will be dragged along by our coattails no matter what, simply because all the rules, regulations, and laws will be geared-up to achieve that goal, won’t they?

You are being enticed by the assertion that the UK has a ‘say’ in the EU – you will also be told that we have a ‘strong voice’. Another misleading fact on the issue masquerading as the truth, as our say is minimal, our voice weak, our influence ineffective, and Britain’s views regularly ignored and constantly outvoted by the other 27 countries who have an ‘equal’ vote to us but widely different objectives, eh?

Most of us in Britain have little interest in moving abroad to Europe (Australia or New Zealand or America or Canada or South Africa, is more likely!), but millions of them want to come here and they have the right, despite the fact that we are already overcrowded, as we know? About half of the non-British people here are from the EU, and we have the highest number of immigrants of ANY country in the world, eh?

The Government notes that we are a strong nation but falsely links that to being independent and bizarrely claims the EU magnifies our ability when the exact opposite is the truth. It is the USA that are desperately trying to block Iran’s nuclear ambitions – and many suspect as well that they will probably fail.

Of course we have the glossy picture of a family kitchen provided to reassure us that the EU will us bring all including stability?

‘A once in a generation decision’

The assertion that the EU gives you a clear path to the future is correct only in that you know with CERTAINTY that you will have given-up our sovereignty FOREVER in favour of a bunch of foreigners do don’t share our values let alone our nationhood.

The Government tells you it believes we should stay in the EU. They set out that it would be an absolute disastrous course if you vote to Leave. That doesn’t quite stack-up with the facts does it? PM Cameron repeatedly said last year that he was ‘ready’ to lead Britain out of Europe, surely if that was an option then how can he now claim it is unthinkable? It is said that ‘The Government’ believes you should vote to remain in, yet major Cabinet Ministers dispute that view, and some forty-five percent of his own Tory MPs have already declared they are backing the Leave campaign (and more are expected to follow) – doesn’t sound like the Government having one or convincing voice, does it?

Ah, perhaps though you were convinced by the last glossy picture of a couple with a child to help you make the big decision?

The Government machine has been used, and will continue to be used, to thwart the true will of the people, by issuing biased and non-impartial scaremongering misinformation and generating misleading statistics that opponents won’t have the resources to combat, unfortunately?


[Cameron is fighting for his very political survival as his blinkered support of ‘Remain’ will backfire if his judgement on the people’s decision proves awry – Ken Clarke warns that David Cameron ‘wouldn’t last 30 seconds’ as Tory leader after Brexit].



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