More results in the US Presidential nominations race – have the winners really emerged?

REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS The Presidential candidate nomination jousting continued yesterday in another five American States and the front runners of the two Parties continued to take the spoils. For the Democrats Hillary Clinton again significantly upstaged her rival Bernie Sanders by securing the biggest tranche of delegates while on the Republican side […]

Donald Trump seeks the ‘Republican’ Candidate nomination – can he ever be US President though?

REPUBLICAN NOMINATION     Observers outside of the USA are asking themselves can Donald Trump really become the next President of the United States later this year, aren’t they? There can be no doubt that Trump has galvanised untold interest far and wide around the world in the oncoming election – unfortunately not in a […]

A man cried today

A normally strong man cried today, a tear shed not through personal loss, not through pain, not through fear, but through raw emotion. After 27 years of torment the families of the unlawfully killed fans of Liverpool Football Club who had lost their lives on the terraces of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club’s Hillsborough stadium, were […]

The Scottish National Party, seemingly a dyslectic, split personality, and schizophrenic, political party –now leading the great Scottish nation into the abyss of the European Union?

  verses The Scots are a lucky race, aren’t they? Yes, not just because they have a great picturesque country, wonderful high mountains, stunning upland wilderness moors, amazing lowland countryside, beautiful scenic off shore and remote islands, crystal clear and pure thirst quenching water, astoundingly fine beef & dairy cattle, countless white & black productive […]

The UK’s ‘IN-OUT’ Referendum on Europe – BREXIT here we come?

  verses It has come as no surprise to many of us that PM David’s Cameron’s promise that the decision to ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ the EU would be purely down to the British people as individuals, was a lie and that instead he would try to lead us by the nose into its inescapable dungeons, […]

The British Justice System and Ched Evans – how does it work?

Ex-Sheffield United and Wales footballer Ched Evans has had his 2012 conviction for rape overturned by the Court of Appeal in a handed-down judgement a few days ago, so currently he has not been found guilty of that offence and his sentence no longer stands. However, he has not actually been acquitted either, and still […]

US President Barack Obama visits Britain to take his leave – goodbye and good riddance?

. verses United States President Barack Obama, as a leg of a European jaunt, arrived in the UK for a short visit last night, all as part of his swansong international trips that has included Argentina last month, earlier this week Saudi Arabia, then onto Germany, followed by Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Poland, China, Laos, and Peru. […]

US Presidential nominations 2016 – result in New York meaningless?

REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS The media are out there again with headlines that mislead the gullible public, aren’t they? They blare out the news that Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have both amazingly suddenly become ‘unstoppable’ as the Presidential candidate for their respective parties. Whether or not they are actually in […]

Murderer Oscar Pistorius still remains free – are we surprised?

Reeva Steenkamp murdered by Oscar Pistorius In early March the post ‘Convicted Murderer Oscar Pistorius finally bites the dust – or will he really?’ suggested that many of us would be unsurprised if his smart-arsed legal eagles pulled another smart card from their sleeve, to get him some special kind of dispensation and treatment – […]

The Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK – what a load of old tosh?

  verses   Many-many people will now have received on their own doorstep the unwanted mailshot peddling a Government plea for British voters to decide to remain in the dreadful EU. There is a lot of rightful anger from all sides of the debate that some ten millions of pounds of taxpayers hard earned money […]