Convicted Murderer Oscar Pistorius finally bites the dust – or will he really?

reevaReeva Steenkamp killed & indeed murdered

Anyone around the World who has paid any interest whatsoever in the case of Oscar Pistorius, will have been aghast at his crime when he murdered girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, repeatedly blasting her away with a gun in the night, and his subsequent unbelievably soft and indulgent treatment by the South African Justice System

A few months ago, Pistorius and his illustrious ‘no expense spared’ extensive legal team, pitched their last ditch attempt to keep this evil excuse for a man out of the jail, and give him continuing freedom to thwart the long sentence he is going down for. They astoundingly tried to appeal to the SA Constitutional Court to set aside his murder conviction, as handed-down by South Africa’s top criminal court – the Supreme Court of Appeal. Unwaveringly SA legal experts had predicted that he had no prospect of success whatsoever with this subterfuge – but when we are talking Pistorius you can’t bet on it, can you?.

The Constitutional Court of course have now told him to get lost (late yesterday UK time), and have refused to hear his rubbish of a case, haven’t they? Pistorius had used the prospect of success in this application to get a lower court judge to grant him continuing freedom and further ridiculously bail last December – that is simply indicative of the manner of justice, which has seen the constant stream of indulgent treatment he has been able to extract from the inadequate system, since he committed his murder three years ago. That now should be the end of the road for him, but will it be really?

He still remains a free man of course for another month, before bizarrely the very judge who ‘cleared him of murder’ (and handed down only a derisory 10 months incarceration for manslaughter) , can get round to banging him up for it, eh? Will he then go like a lamb to the slaughter, do you think? Or will any of us be unsurprised when his smart-arsed legal eagles pull another smart card from their sleeve, to get him some special kind of dispensation and treatment (that’s what he is used to you see). [And do you also suspect that his indulgent judge might be a bit lenient to reflect the theme of her previous legal mistakes, eh?]

When he does hit the inside of the prison, you can bet your bottom dollar, that he will get his individually-built ‘en-suite’ cell in a cushy hospital unit, with thrown in as many special privileges as he can think-off, of course – you see when you are a rich, white international celebrity criminal, and able to play the disabled card to boot (despite previously living an able bodied lifestyle), you can demand these things, cant you? [Yes, even in the black-run modern South Africa (old habits die hard, don’t they?]. Well, at least he will be off the streets for a long while at last, eh?


[‘Nothing’ will bring back the murdered young woman, ‘nothing’ will ease the pain of her family and loved ones, ‘nothing’ will remove the ordeal and restore peace to those affected, but after 3 long years there is now finally the prospect of a little bit of justice for tragic Reeva, don’t you think?]









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