They tell us that the American Presidential Nomination saga is really hotting-up – is it really?







There is a month of Primaries under the belt a lot of piffle is being spouted both in Britain and across the water in America, isn’t it. The runners are hardly out of the blocks really, but the know-all pundits seem virtually to have the two candidates on the Presidential trail already, if not actually ensconced in the White House, don’t you think? After so-called Super-Tuesday ‘All done and dusted’, as the saying goes, eh?

The claim of course is that one of the jousting champions for each of  the parties [Republican & Democrat] have already unhorsed their opponents. Is that really credible, based on the facts? You don’t have to be an expert political analyst to see what the figures tell us, do you?

The ones being given the nod are loudmouth bigoted dingbat and ‘non-politician’ (until now) ‘hate me’, one Donald Trump for the Republicans, and ‘not as squeaky clean’ as you might think but the most experienced of all politicians in the race ‘love me’, one Hillary Clinton for the Democrats

Trump indeed has had some remarkable success so far to the ire of his critics, so he is being described as unstoppable, no less? Well, it is inconceivable that the experienced guts of the Republican Party will allow an interloper, who’s despisement of them has been made crystal clear, will actually allow him the nomination, isn’t it? The numbers show that Trump is a mile off reaching the number of delegates he requires. However, if he continues to do well in trouncing the others, through his bile appeal to the politically disgruntled, it is highly likely that a ‘consolidation unifying candidate’, one John Q. Public, will immerge from the others, so all their delegate assignments are likely to amalgamate – Trump will probably get none, and that will finish him off. don’t you think?



You will see from the numbers above that Trump is in fact only marginally in the lead and indeed needs to nearly quadruple his number of delegates to win.


If all the other candidates join forces in favour of one of them, they will be nearly five percent ahead of Trump at this stage, won’t they?


Things are a bit more cut and dried on the Democrat side though, as there are really only two candidates still left standing – front runner Clinton and ‘old-in-the-tooth’ senator Sanders. As the primaries kicked-off and Sanders did well, they all said he was going to upstage the favourite, didn’t they? That was silly, because while Sanders tirelessly worked his ticket with the voters to secure delegates, canny Clinton was using her energy and nous to collect a substantial gaggle of so called ‘super-delegates’ (the ones who aren’t constrained by public vote), so in reality she was streaking ahead, wasn’t she?



The numbers show that Clinton has a substantial lead, with one-and-a-half times MORE delegates than Sanders



From a percentage point of view Clinton is in an impressive position in the race and showing clear water, don’t you think?


The conclusion of this blogger is that that Trump will fall by the wayside as the Republican Party’s knives butcher him – he won’t be pursuing his punch line “I will make America Great Again!” But who will beat him to become the Republican nominee, eh?

Clinton’s second attempt to run for President should this time come to fruition – so she might get the chance to put across her claim that “America has never stopped being Great – but we need to make America whole again”, but we will see, eh?



[The World is clearly very much paying attention to who just might be the next US President. Britain has particular concerns as well, because it has had a long-term predominantly close relationship with America

 usaflags           Seal_of_the_President_of_the_United_States_svgThe President of the United States




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