If you vote to stay in the European Union – get rid of our UK legislators?

unionjack  verses euflag


Oh yes, if the Referendum decides that the UK should stay in the EU, we certainly can scrap the United Kingdom Parliament, scrap the Scottish Parliament, scrap the National Assembly for Wales, and scrap the Northern Ireland Assembly, because they simply are pointless debating societies, rather than real legislators or law makers, when our laws, regulations and rules will continue to be actually determined in Brussels by 27 other countries, isn’t it? The pay and expensive of the facilities required all these so called parliamentarians would make your eyes water (if they ever told us public, eh?)

This scrapping will save our economy an absolute fortune when we have no associated elections to fund, no such national voting to hold, no associated disruption of business and no loss of voters’ time – that totally unnecessary level of -democracy would then be extremely expensive to run for such a pseudo reason, wouldn’t it? [One general Election alone will cost say a quarter of a billion pounds].

Then we also could make an absolute financial killing by selling off to foreigners, the Houses of Parliament, The House of Lords, and Portcullis House in London England, together with all the other devolved institutions’ buildings like Holyrood in Edinburgh Scotland, the Senedd in Cardiff Wales, and Stormont in Belfast Northern Ireland. We have sold-off every other bleeding  asset available, so why not all these, eh?

Despite being a waste of time and energy, we will probably continue in future to nationally elect our 73 MEPs who join the European gravy trail and enjoy a fabulous lifestyle in Brussels Belgium and Strasbourg France – while the associated unelected Secretariat reside in Luxembourg, and the Council of Europe in Belgium (the EU like to spread the member countries’ substantial cash around amongst the preferred, you see?). However, our UK ‘uncoordinated’ MEPs don’t have much to worry about do they, as while they party, they know that they will be massively ‘out-voted’ anyway by the other 678 foreign MEPs, eh?

We will of course have to retain our civil service organisations, as in reality they actually run the Country anyway, and we will still need to have elected Councils to run our local communities – but all that is necessary, and relatively smaller beer.

[If we all do nevertheless vote to ‘leave’ the European Union, then we will have to continue with all our UK elections – but we will then save some net ‘thirty million pounds a day’ to spend within Britain as decided by our own Parliaments, eh?]




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