Excessive immigration is smothering the UK – why is this being allowed by our Government?

unionjack  verses euflag

Some six years ago, David Cameron pledged to reduce net migration into Britain to tens of thousands – “no ifs, no buts”.

The British people believed him, trusted him, and so of course supported him. He has been our Prime Minister since those distant days and his uttered words have been seen to not only be worthless, but a travesty of the truth, haven’t they?

Once again David Cameron is now back on his soapbox asking the people to trust him and his judgment, when he says that we should stay in the European Union with the words I say to everyone – we will be safer, stronger, better off inside the EU”.

This claim is just as false, if not more so, than his lapsed pontificating about immigration, isn’t it? Just to lay the ghost of that one on immigration first, shall we?

Some thirty-five years ago immigration was under 80 thousand. At the start of Cameron’s tenure & stewardship, net migration was already at the level of about 250 thousand, but it has now GONE UP even more by some 30%. Yes you guessed it, didn’t you? Cameron has absolutely ‘no control’ over migration, does he? Indeed in the first couple of years, net migration ‘did’ drop dramatically (by more than 30%, due to effective government action like banning housing benefit for EU jobseekers, restricting marriage visas, and shutting down more than 850 bogus colleges), but since then it has soared back up again at an alarming and increasing rate, no less. The first point to note is that we cannot stop any immigrants from the EU whatsoever – the free movement of labour prohibits that completely. Consequently, we now are getting some 200 thousand of the blighters (net) every year that we can do nothing about, eh? Worrying though, we are also seeing probably an equivalent number of non-EU citizens pitching camp in Britain, who we CAN do something about – what is Cameron’s explanation or excuse for that one, eh? Current immigration is already over 300 percent greater than the “no ifs, no buts” promise.

Immigration in itself is NOT a problem for the UK and it will continue as a significant benefit to our society – but excessive immigration is certainly an unacceptable problem, isnt it?

These new migrants, plus the inherent excessive breading habits of families of non-British origin, is swamping our infrastructure and suffocating our society. We are a welcoming nation, who desires to provide a sustainable progressive environment for all those we allow to come to live here, but the excessive numbers are destroying all that we have, and indeed threatening our very life values and standard of living – it is like a drowning man pulling under his potential rescuer, isn’t it?

Our current Health Service facilities can no longer cope either at the GP or Hospital or Ambulance Service or Social Services levels; NHS Trusts are running up the biggest overspend in history – some £3 BILLION by the year end; our Schools are bursting at the seams: our Housing availability is in freefall; the transport systems are overloaded; 3 thousand of our jobs have already been secured by foreigners; maintaining a cohesive integrated society is becoming increasingly impossible. All these things are not of course solely due to immigrants, but you might say they are the straw that breaks the camels back – and increasingly so, perhaps. Those people who believed that Cameron could ever deliver an acceptable immigration level of less than 100 thousand, dream on, eh?

Our population in Britain is growing unacceptably fast (now at the HIGHEST rate in the EU, no less), and none of our Prime Ministers will tell us where it will all stop – it is currently at a projected rate of half a million extra a year, and that will be mainly down to immigration. Official figures predict a ten million rise in twenty years but skeptics say up to double that, if we don’t take action, now.

So what about Cameron’s argument that it is safer, stronger, better to stay in the EU, eh?

Safer? In what way you might well ask? Certainly, not regarding Security? The EU’s ‘open door’ policy allows both criminals and assault weapons to move freely around Europe, and some claim that staying in the EU would make the UK more vulnerable to a Paris-style terrorist attack. They would like to do it in the UK but our ‘all-be-it limited’ border controls makes it more difficult for them to get their explosives and weaponry into Britain, doesn’t it? But you can be certain of one thing, cant you? Being in the EU will make it very easy for them to reach us – and all they have to do is “get lucky” as the saying goes.

Safer? Certainly, not regarding Economy? A lot is made about the EU being the biggest single market in the World, isn’t it? But they never tell you that it is a shrinking market while others are opening up and expanding (that we are prevented from getting into). They never mention that Britain used to get sixty percent of its trade through the EU and that is dropping like a stone into the forties and an all time low – so a further decline in the EU’s importance as a market for UK exports. No one points out that the bulk of our small & medium companies don’t do any trade whatsoever in the EU, do they? It is a hidden fact that Britain has an ever increasing overall trade deficit with the EU, which is now at a disastrous and record level (some £12 BILLION on Goods) – effectively destroying our growth of GDP.

Stronger? How the heck can the UK ever be stronger by being in the EU? Cameron falsely claims though that it is a ‘reformed EU’ – dream on everybody. Britain’s voice in the EU is nothing more than a whisper, isn’t it? We are just like an army recruit who keeps getting ‘out-of-step’ in a marching squad, who will then get a bad reputation amongst the others, and report from the platoon sergeant, don’t you think?

Better off? There is no conceivable way that this could be true. The view of many of experts is that Britain will not only survive outside of the EU, but will thrive enormously. Even David Cameron has publically admitted that Britain is good enough to stand alone – then he tells Parliament yesterday that it is ‘a massive leap in the dark’, how comes?

The EU can never be reformed can it? It is stuck in the time warp of the past and is as out of date as a post-war prefabricated bungalow (which did its job in the day, but that is now long gone). As the idiom goes ‘A leopard can’t change its spots’, can it? The EU like such a wild animal has already more than badly savaged Britain, so it is time to try to escape its clutches before being mauled to death, surely?


[Big Players for BREXIT: Justice Secretary Michael Grove, Work & Pensions Secretary and former-Tory Leader Iain Duncan-Smith, London Mayor Boris Johnson, NI Secretary Theresa Villiers, Leader of the House of Commons and the Lord President of the Council Chris Grayling, Employment minister Priti Patel, Culture Media Sport Secretary John Whittingdale, former Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox, son of the late ex-Times editor (William) Jacob Rees-Mogg, Chair of the House of Commons’ European Scrutiny Committee Sir Bill Cash, London Mayor Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, former Conservative Treasurer and banker Peter Cruddas, former Environment secretary Owen Paterson, chair of the Conservatives for Britain group Steve Baker, former Chancellor Nigel Lawson, former Chancellor Norman Lamont, former Employment secretary and former Trade & Industry secretary Norman Tebbit, current Work & Pensions select committee chair and former Welfare minister Frank Field MP (also former “poverty czar” in David Cameron’s coalition government), former Sports minister Kate Hoey MP, former Parliamentary private secretary Khalid Mahmood MP, former Trade unionist Kelvin Hopkins MP, former trade union official Roger Godsiff MP, former Manchester Council leader Graham Stringer MP, Parliamentary Labour party chair John Cryer MP, former Parliamentary under-secretary for Health, and part of group tasked with drawing up a new constitution for the European Union Gisela Stuart MP (German-born), former welfare rights worker for people with learning disabilities Nigel Griffiths ex MP, who is leading a Scottish Labour campaign to leave the EU, Labour donor John Mills, UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP, SNP stalwart and its former deputy leader Jim Sillars ex MP, son of deceased Rev and former minister in NI Assembly Ian Paisley Jr MP [DUP]former leader of UUP and formerly the first-First Minister of NI David Trimble (Baron), House of Lords member and London Assembly Green member Jenny Jones (Baroness), Respect party founder George Galloway ex-MP.

Top Turncoats (former eurosceptics now for IN): Home Secretary Theresa May, Foreign secretary Philip Hammond, former Tory leader and former Foreign secretary William Hague, business secretary Sajid Javid, defence secretary Michael Fallon, Energy secretary Amber Rudd]


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