Who are those best known that are saying ‘Vote Leave’ – are they right?

  verses This post will be updated as new details emerge before the UKs IN-OUT EU Referendum on June 23 2016.   Big hitters and main Players for BREXIT: Justice Secretary Michael Grove MP Work & Pensions Secretary and former-Tory Leader Iain Duncan-Smith MP London Mayor Boris Johnson MP NI Secretary Theresa Villiers MP Leader […]

The European Union Constitution – what you need to know?

  verses Most of us don’t know much about exactly how we got to the current European Union’s unsatisfactory setup, do we? Many of us do know though that it all started with a simple special ‘trading association’, the European Economic Community (EEC), back nearly sixty years ago. Initially Britain baulked at joining, and when […]

If you vote to stay in the European Union – get rid of our UK legislators?

  verses   Oh yes, if the Referendum decides that the UK should stay in the EU, we certainly can scrap the United Kingdom Parliament, scrap the Scottish Parliament, scrap the National Assembly for Wales, and scrap the Northern Ireland Assembly, because they simply are pointless debating societies, rather than real legislators or law makers, […]

Excessive immigration is smothering the UK – why is this being allowed by our Government?

  verses Some six years ago, David Cameron pledged to reduce net migration into Britain to tens of thousands – “no ifs, no buts”. The British people believed him, trusted him, and so of course supported him. He has been our Prime Minister since those distant days and his uttered words have been seen to […]

Michael Gove’s declaration on the United Kingdom and European Union – surprised?

To the surprise of most casual observers and many media professionals to boot, Justice Secretary Michael Gove suddenly publically announced on Friday that he was backing the OUT campaign for the forthcoming 23 June ‘In-Out’ referendum on UK membership of the EU. This was a massive outturn since Gove is PM David Cameron’s best mate […]

United Kingdom’s Renegotiation of European Union Membership – Result Summary?

There has been some three years in gestation but the results are nigh, on Britain’s “fundamental” repositioning within the European Union – the renegotiations are as good as complete. The European Council Summit has just last night concluded their debates on the UK’s plans for an (in/out) referendum, following an orchestrated theatrical display of false […]

There is a hygienic need to wash hands – why do some people simply ignore it?

  History shows that in the mid-nineteenth century, many-many women died in childbirth if they had to go for a hospital birth with a difficult delivery. Indeed, the mortality rate from childbed fever under a doctor, fluctuated wildly, but could be as high as thirty-five percent (three times that on a midwife ward). Something was […]

United Kingdom major EU ‘renegotiation’: – a scandalous damp squib?

  STRUCTURE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION European Parliament Directly elected (751 MEPs), votes on legislation, but cannot propose any European Commission          The Executive responsible for proposing new laws and regulations (unelected) Council of EU                         Government ministers, final decision on legislation, does not make laws (able to overrule the Parliament with a veto) European Council                  Heads […]

Google and other major Multinational Giants tax avoidance – any chance of urgent resolution?

Google’s logo matching colourful quirky London HQ in Belgravia Cash rich internet search engine Google, the American big tech global organisation with fingers in many pies these days, is under the cosh as being a major UK tax avoider, who doesn’t pay their fair whack on corporation tax (levied on profits, but with a law […]