Illegal immigrants, Asylum seekers, Refugies, Economic migrants, Unaccompanied children – what the hell is to be done?

 Greek Camp Europe is being faced unfairly with a global problem of hoards of men, women, and children abandoning their homelands and trying setup in other lands. Some of them are fleeing, while others are simply seeking a better life. Whatever their reasons, they are now swamping Europe and indeed threatening the very lifestyle of […]

The United Kingdom’s ‘unfair’ Bedroom Tax –has it now become the ‘illegal’ Bedroom Tax?

  The last British Government (a coalition headed by the Conservatives) introduced in 2013 the nicknamed Bedroom Tax on the poor, which has been widely condemned for being unjust and a politically contentious policy by those on the moral high ground. The tax has reduced housing benefit for all individuals who rent a Council or […]

A one year old baby boy is dead –badly let down by the NHS and the system?

  A tragic story has just come to widespread public notice with a damning Report just published about a very sick infant (William Mead) who died overnight at home, despite his parents having repeatedly sought medical care for their poor little boy. One’s initial reaction is that being realistic, we all understand that doctors are […]

The French now admit that the European Union is going down the khasi – does the United Kingdom still want to vote to stay in?

 EU flag British prominent pro-Europeans won’t have it that there is a life outside of the European Union, will they? Some people however can still remember when we weren’t actually in even  the Common Market, or to be more precise EEC (the baby form of the European Union), because we didn’t want to join in […]

America ‘State of the Union 2016’ – what was that all about? [UPDATED]

   Anyone this side of the pond who as interested observers waited-up into the early hours of the morning last week to listen to President Barrack Obama’s 7th and final State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress (and guests), probably wishes that they hadn’t bothered, eh? It didn’t take long for […]

Oscar Pistorius and a plan for a law degree at a ‘London University’ – is that a credible matter?

Reeva Steenkamp killed & indeed murdered We all perhaps tended to ignore it at the time, when an inappropriately smirking Pistorius announced at his latest bail hearing last December that he ‘needed’ daily internet access, so that he could pursue his studies on a business with law degree at a London University (unspecified of course, […]

The UK Police ‘underfunded’ and ‘under resourced’ – what the heck has happened here?

  Dixon of Dock Green Who in their right mind would join the Police Force in this Country in this day and age? Only an idiot, maybe? Is the job of law enforcement in Britain any longer one desirable to get into in this twenty-first century? Perhaps, perhaps not? In the really old days there were […]

Oscar Pistorius plays the discrimination card – we should all have guessed that was coming, shouldn’t we?

Reeva Steenkamp killed & indeed murdered In his latest recently lodged Constitutional Court appeal papers, Oscar Pistorius claims that the South African Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in finding him guilty of murder, was discriminating against him because of his ‘disability’ – this is a little bit rich coming from someone who has fought, and […]

Traditional British bakery products – do YOU still ‘know’ about them?

 Bread? There are some wonderful iconic products that have been coming out of traditional bakeries in this Country for centuries, but nowadays many of us have seemingly forgotten about them, so the next generation won’t know a thing about them – let alone have ever enjoyed the taste, eh? Many families now have never even […]