The Islamic Faith is under serious threat – what now then?


Previously blogs here in over a year have been published pointing out that Muslims needed to take care and that the time for their ‘repression’ was fast approaching if they did not take charge and put their house in order to get rid of their extremist followers.

Little positive has happened and instead now one of the greatest atrocities ever has been carried out by jihadist Muslims in Paris a month ago (a hundred and thirty dead and nearly three-times that injured, some very seriously so), Things are in fact getting worse and no one is in the least confident that the problems with these terrorists are going to get resolved, are they?

Security in this country, and indeed around the world cannot, kill or otherwise eliminate these evil murders – men and women who have hijacked a previously respected religion, to make it a feared and despised haven for evil godless people and become the pariah of the World . It is spreading like an out of control cancer and the Black Death all rolled into one, which these days engulfs and contaminates even their Muslim young in the UK.

If any proof is required by Muslims of the serious threat their faith is facing then they certainly got it this week, didn’t they? American Presidential hopeful and self-made billionaire one Donald Trump (indeed the front runner for the Republican nomination, no less) has announced his plan to ban all Muslims from entry to the United States – you can’t get a stronger major national condemnation of a faith than that, can you?

He also has added that the UK  “is trying hard to disguise their massive Muslim problem” – is he right? Well, a plethora of Muslim schools have increasingly been established here, and some of our other schools are being overrun by Muslim children, many others are no longer having nativity plays (whether or not they host Muslim children), some councils are avoiding Christmas celebrations, and despite Britain being a so called Christian Country, lead by the Queen as Sovereign, Defender of the Faith and Supreme head of the English Church, we seem to be frightened and prevented to publically display our religion – so as not to upset those of the Islamic faith who believe in the Prophet Mohammed, not Jesus. Many in our population, whether religious or not, are understandably very angry about that, aren’t they? Exactly why Muslims should be offended by our tolerant base religion, which was here long before them, do you think?

Trump’s justification for his Islamophobic outburst is that he claims a poll reports that twenty-five percent of American Muslims condone jihadi violence against their non-Muslim fellow citizens – a totally flawed poll of course (only about half a thousand participants and using totally invalid methodology). Even if it HAD been true, it would have indicated an internal problem in America and not worldwide Islam, wouldn’t it? But when you are someone who seeks to gain notoriety you bend the truth a lot, don’t you?

Oh yes, Trump may well be a cretin, and a mendacious figure, determined to grab the headlines with his tirade and bigoted views to impress the gullible citizens of his country, but nevertheless he is a big noise in the States. If he feels confident in uttering statements like this about Muslims, you can be certain that his suggestion of discrimination doesn’t fall on stony ground, does it eh?

Of course the man’s views have been widely condemned, and his remarks extensively disapproved of everywhere, but at the same time, it ought to be a warning shot across the bows of Muslims both there and in the UK, don’t you think? His vitriolic condemnation on Islam is manna from heaven to ISIS who will use it to galvanise even further support in the justification that their religion is under attack in the world, won’t they?

One might compare his desire to rise to power on the crest of a wave of hatred to that like Hitler against the Jews – which was never stopped so was successful in Germany some ninety years ago, wasn’t it?

Some half a million people here have now signed a petition to stop Trump ever coming to Britain again because of what he has said. Perhaps laudable, but it will never happen will it? You are allowed to say what you think in OUR society (it is called the right to free speech), however disgusting, and whether or not it is used irresponsibly as in this case, as long as it doesn’t promote violence or anything illegal – you can be certain though that he wouldn’t get a warm welcome in the United Kingdom now (whether US President or not!).

The fundamental question today is how are the extremists are to be stopped? It has to be down to Muslims themselves surely if they want to continue as valued members of our society, doesn’t it? They themselves have to put their own house in order now, before it is too late. What can they do then, when violence is clearly not an option?

Well how about expunging from their religious text (the Koran) to remove concepts of jihad, fatwa’s, encouragement of martyrdom, and the destruction of kafir (non-believers) that the likes of ISIS rely on to justify their sick barbaric attacks and actions? How about them denouncing and terminating the stream of radical hate preachers they have allowed to voice their vitriol in their mosques for decades? How about them ostracising within their local communities these religious fanatics? How about them stopping their youths from becoming radicalised? How about condemning ALL these psychopathic thugs as individuals in ALL their mosques and excommunicating them from the Islam faith? How about the parents taking responsibility for halting their children’s indoctrination and ensuring that that they are honest Muslims and not supporters of terrorism? How about stopping for once and all the discrimination against women and girls, or hiding their identity behind extreme Islamic dress? How about trying to fully fit-into British society and supporting it rather than to try to increasingly Muslimise our tolerant Country (and trying to introduce sharia law), so that they are all just decent neighbours, and not people viewed with caution and suspicion (with the most religious, the most feared)?

We don’t operate really in a religious manner here these days (we ditched all that stuff centuries ago), and most of us have looked favourably on Muslims with many having Muslin friends we want to keep, but the Islamic community have to sort things out before it is too late, don’t you think? We don’t need clouded words anymore; all we want to see is proper action, don’t we?


[A tube station knife attack, subject of charged attempted murder, was committed just last week in London, which prompted a bystander witness to call out to the man arrested “you aint no Muslim bruv”- therein lies the truth that Islam isn’t compatible with terrorism, eh?].

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