Billions spent in UK December sales- where the heck is the money all coming from?

London West End Boxing Day Billions upon billions Much of the population in Britain are financially feeling the pinch in these difficult times of austerity. Making ends meet has become a major struggle and many families are relieved to get to the end of the month and still be solvent, aren’t they? It comes as […]

Floods, floods, floods, floods and still more floods – an Act of God, or a Dereliction of Duty by our Governments?

      The Environment Agency continues to issue flood warnings galore (still about a hundred and fifty) for mostly the North West and the North East of England, but now also Southwest and Wales – they come at three different levels Severe (warning of danger to life), Warning (flood expected, so immediate action required), Alert (flooding possible, […]

Another one may bite the dust as Louis van Gaal faces saying goodbye as Manager at Manchester United – is he now on borrowed time? “UPDATED”

 Man U manager  ex Chelsea manager UPDATED Monday 28 December 2015 News following Christmas Bank Holiday football It has been one of those years for top flight managers getting the sack in English football, so there are new (if not fresh) faces around the patch and in charge at some quarter of the twenty premiership clubs. […]

“Merry Christmas” everybody – time to ditch it?

  Like a recurring dream or Groundhog Day, Christmas comes round every year, and some people dread it, don’t they? Christmas Day like clockwork is always there on December 25th – but it ‘starts’ earlier, indeed these days in England it seems to kick-off earlier and earlier (as much as six months before!). No wonder […]

Pistorius heading for the South African Constitutional Court – another successful ploy to escape justice?

Reeva Steenkamp killed If anyone thought for a moment that South African justice would somehow apply to murderer Oscar Pistorius, such expectations were dashed again a couple of weeks ago, as reported here, when he was back in Pretoria’s High Court to ask for bail. Unbelievable it was granted once more despite his new murder […]

The demise of a top football manager – good riddance ‘Jose Mourinho’?

 ex Chelsea manager  Man U manager Many people not interested in soccer football were very annoyed last week to find the English national news being dominated by the story of manager Jose Mourinho getting the preverbal boot by London’s Chelsea Football Club. It is the second time he got it there, but he is quite […]

Becky Watts – the convicted duo’s legal Appeals are now in, aren’t they?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory The news on the wires last week that the evil couple convicted for the brutal killing and dismembering of 16-year-old Becky Watts, have lodged appeals, will come as no surprise to readers of these blogs – it was fully predicted at the start of this month. That prophecy didn’t […]

Tim Peake the ‘first’ British astronaut – what is that all about?

Major Tim Peake ex-army man is being lauded as making history this morning as a first British astronaut and the one to serve on the International Space Station (ISS) when he blasted-off in a Russian Soyuz rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan – but it is all a bit of a con really to make […]

An essential expansion of London’s airport capacity flunked again – another Government screw-up?

It has become a surprise to some but not all, but the Conservative Government has again kicked the ball of London airport expansion back into the long grass, haven’t they? They commissioned an independent full report on what to do about the County’s economically necessity to have increased runway capacity serving London. It took three […]