French Police’s courage in rescuing Paris’ Bataclan hostages – amazing or not?




The photo above of a bullet peppered metal shield says it all, doesn’t it?

It stopped some 27 bullets intended to kill French Police officers. The stomach churning danger and their bravery by putting their lives on the line in facing this lethal barrage, and more, of AK-47 Kalashnikov firepower is mind-blowing, don’t you think?

An elite French unit was sent-in, required to face the gun and explosive heavily armed terrorists holding a group of hostages at a Paris gig, where nearly ninety people had already been murdered by them and others.

The unit brought the siege to an end with the terrorist dead.


[Much has been reported and written about the victims of this ISIS Paris massacre and rightly so, but most of us don’t know much of the personal courage of the French security forces who dealt with these murderous attacks, do we?]


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