English justice pending for the accused at the Becky Watts murder trial – a waiting game now?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory

Tuesday November 10

After a traumatic six weeks of harrowing evidence, this case has continued at Bristol Crown Court with the learned Judge Dingemans continuing his summing-up, his instructions, and his legal advice to the Jury members (ten women and one man as one woman of the original twelve members had to drop out through illness). Surprisingly to many, he hasn’t finished yet (no doubt being very thorough, so his directions cannot easily be challenged or even criticised by the Court of Appeal, eh?).

There has been an extended recap on the Prosecution evidence presented (including the injuries suffered by sixteen year old Becky at the hands of killer Nathan Matthews certainly and perhaps even Shauna Hoare), as well as the Defence rebuttals that the co-accused female Hoare had a sexual interest in teenage girls, but then lied to police about her kidnapping texts to Matthews, due to panic. Did she really not know at all that there were two taser stun guns in her own house – believing they were torches?

It must be a relief, don’t you think, for the Jury to have now heard all the disturbing evidence and finally be faced with bringing in their verdicts on the four, who’s ‘not guilty pleas’ have necessitated this trial and the recounting of the truly dreadful killing of Becky (to the ongoing horror of her close ones) and the treatment of her body?

Anyway, it is most likely that they will be called upon tomorrow to start their deliberations, so we can expect to see the colour of justice in the near future, can’t we?

They have to decide if there was first a conspiracy to kidnap, and then if the killing was in fact murder (because Matthews had intended serious bodily harm), and what part, if any, did Hoare play in such events and did she pervert the course of justice and prevent a burial? Furthermore, did James Ireland and Donovan Demetrius by their actions and involvement intend, despite their denials, to assist the offender or offenders?

[Becky Watts’ family and friends are wearing a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial]




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