We see Week 6 get underway of those at the center of the Becky Watts murder trial – justice soon?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory

Monday November 9

The substance of this trial is well and truly over now – to the relief of the majority of people (it has been a distressing experience brought about by the main defendants’ not guilty pleas – but that is British justice for you, isn’t it?).

Some people in this world are essentially evil aren’t they, and it costs lives doesn’t it? Nathan Matthews certainly perfectly fits that description doesn’t he? His Defence team though claim that he ‘accidently killed’ Becky Watts in an absurd plan gone wrong, when he didn’t really mean to harm her in any way despite being armed with a taser stun gun (oh yeah?) – so therefore he was not guilty of her murder. There has been evidence that murder threats had been made by stepbrother Matthews but not dealt with were they – that is disturbing. Normally people would be expected to get the hell out – poor Becky didn’t have that choice though, did she? The Defence didn’t mention any of that did they?

His compliant girlfriend Shauna Hoare is apparently totally blameless in all matters says her barrister, and it was all solely down to Matthews (oh yeah?).

One James Ireland is accused of helping Matthews to move Becky’s body parts in a van illegitimately borrowed at night from his work, but his Defence has concluded and say that he is a decent, honest person who simply had been calculatingly used by Karl Demetrius (a guilty defendant) – as a rider it is claimed he has learning difficulties (always a good standard defence these days, eh?). It is said that he knew nothing about getting a five thousand pound reward for undertaking the short move – but he nevertheless researched an expensive Caribbean holiday the very next day (where did he expect to get the money from then, eh?), and furthermore he told a pub friend that he thought he had moved drugs, eh?

Donovan Demetrius, who made an emotional outburst in evidence (to impress the Jury?) lived at his brother Karl and Jaydene Parsons’s house, where Becky’s body parts were hidden in a garden shed, has also had his defence summarised for him by his barrister – it is said that there was no evidence that he was ever involved. Not what the police say, though? Matthews had not implicated him they said (but not either his own long-term girlfriend either, did he?).

His lawyer says unrecoverable texts with his brother about a money payment (which he had surprisingly suddenly innocently ‘deleted‘ when Becky’s remains were being removed – apparently to save phone memory space’?) was not about his involvement at all, but all about selling a moped – any evidence to support that, then?

[Karl Demetrius exchanged texts with his partner Parsons about their crime, saying for example “you gonna hide it for him? We could do with the money”, and “That’s a deposit for a house”].

The Jury must give verdicts on the four defendants now all of the Defences’ closing speeches are finished, and the Judge Mr. Justice Dingemans is presently giving them some last minute summary, directions and advice – will they all agree on verdicts (or all but a couple – so we will know?)? They have been told to reach verdicts on relevant facts, without emotion, despite the nature of this challenging case (oh yeah?). It has been pointed out that while there is no direct evidence of an agreement between Matthews and Hoare in a joint enterprise, to kidnap Becky Watts that was not unusual, as those who commit such crimes do not always disclose to others who are not party to the conspiracy of what they are really doing. Was there an intention that the two of them would play a part in kidnapping young Becky, or not, and was murder ultimately involved to overcome her understandable resistance? Did the Prosecution manage to prove that Hoare reasonably believed that some harm would come to Becky by their actions, and did she lie to police to prevent them immediately investigating the killing, or did she participate in any way in dismembering and then hiding the body parts?

Only the Jury can finally decide on these matters, can’t they?


[You can bet your bottom dollar though that one or more of the defendants will be found ‘not guilty’– that is why they all have expensive defence lawyers (all paid for by us of course). The Jury will probably start considering their verdicts tomorrow].

Becky Watts’ family and friends are wearing a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial




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