The Becky Watts murder trial trundles on in ‘Week 5’ – no new revelations then?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory

Wednesday November 4

Two non-murder defendants now have been in the witness box – will any real truth emerge though, we wonder? Unlikely?

We now hear another strange story of ‘coincidence’ from his defence by James Ireland who helped move Becky Watts’ dismembered body parts in the very late evening, illegitimately borrowing and using his works van. He insists that he simply did a workmate friend Karl Demetrius a favour, expecting a twenty quid payment, but other evidence, and the Prosecution’s case, is that he was promised a substantial sum – like five grand no less (which predictably he repeatedly denies). It is said that he told others that he was going to book a holiday with some money he was expecting, which again he denies of course. However, the Prosecution found that the very next day he did in fact though search on the internet for holidays to the Caribbean Dominican Republic (such a holiday would indeed cost him say a couple of grand for his girlfriend and him – a bit more than the payment for the job, but he denies it was related, so did he actually have the money saved-up then, eh?

Then there was also Donavan Demetrius (defended by his experienced specialist criminal barrister Dean George), who was staying at the time with his brother Karl (who has admitted playing his part in hiding the body parts), who now simply says he was sleeping (with headphones on – unusual?) when it was all going on for the body removal, so he wasn’t involved at all. Notwithstanding that he had surprisingly deleted some ‘time relevant’ phone text messages from his brother, and now makes a lame excuse for not wanting police to get into his mobile phone at the time, doesn’t make him guilty does it? NO, suspicion, close association with his admitted criminal brother, and his initial lack of cooperation with the police will, in the absence of other substantive evidence, not secure the Prosecution a conviction about his alleged involvement, will it?

At the beginning of this trial at the start of October we already knew certain things, didn’t we? Nathan Matthews had violently killed his schoolgirl stepsister, had cut her into pieces, and had with the help of others had hidden her body parts. His longstanding girlfriend Shauna Hoare had inevitably been in close proximity with him when it was all going on. Have we learned any more during the last nearly five weeks? Will we actually find out more about this innocent young girl’s dreadful killing in the next few weeks before the trial inevitably finishes? Will the guilty be exposed and punished and the innocent saved and exonerated? Very unlikely, you might think? Well that is our justice system for you, isn’t it?

[Becky Watts’ family and friends are wearing a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial].




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