Oldham West and Royton 2015 by election – what’s the prediction?

         This Greater Manchester seat of Oldham West and Royton is up for grabs on Thursday in the first by-election of this parliament, and under normal circumstances, Labour would be expected to easily retain it. It has after all been a very safe Labour stronghold for a long-long time – veteran Michael Meacher held it […]

Jeremy Corbyn has hit a really rocky point in his brief Labour Party Leadership – will an early end be seeing him unseated?

Jeremy Corbyn was elected as new Leader of the Labour Party just 2 short months ago, but already he has caused mayhem and widespread disunity, hasn’t he? His latest escapade is on Syria, with his abject refusal to even consider attacking our terrorist enemy ISIS in their stronghold there, so has created a major split, […]

“Standing on the shoulders of giants” – who said that and why?

Personal modesty about one’s achievements is not something we see much of today, is it? It seems to be only the really great people of the past who seem to display that trait, don’t you think? Nowadays the ‘performers’ prefer to make grandiose boasts (often false) from the rooftops, eh? English genius scientist & mathematician […]

British Television Soaps’ sensational storylines – out of order?

   The television soaps (so called because when started in the US they were sponsored by soap manufacturers) are one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and broadcast on prime time television. It is wrongly thought they are particularly for, and appreciated only by, just the working classes? These broadcasts are not to be […]

TRIDENT REPLACEMENT – its got to be a joke, but it isn’t funny?

Later, sometime next year, our erstwhile MPs are going to decide about proceeding with the full Trident replacement at an enormous cost, that is likely to bankrupt this Country. The current Trident 1 has been operational only half a dozen years more than it took to get it into service in 1994, when it replaced […]

England Football team on a roll perhaps – any chance now at Euro 2016?

  As recorded before, our English football team in the past year routed their opponents in Group E to qualify unbeaten for next year’s France UEFA European finals, but apart from one, it was all against rubbish teams, wasn’t it? We have now played a couple of fairly good teams in friendlies, so how did […]

French Police’s courage in rescuing Paris’ Bataclan hostages – amazing or not?

    The photo above of a bullet peppered metal shield says it all, doesn’t it? It stopped some 27 bullets intended to kill French Police officers. The stomach churning danger and their bravery by putting their lives on the line in facing this lethal barrage, and more, of AK-47 Kalashnikov firepower is mind-blowing, don’t […]

Without Security you can’t have LIBERTY – how true is that?

    The astute opinion expressed yesterday by France’s ex-Justice minister Rachida Dati in a UK television interview was that ‘without security you can’t have liberty’, which might strike a chord with many people in France as well as in Britain, and focus the minds of UK MPs who are struggling to realise that very […]

Pistorius awaits the Appeal Court judgement – nearing a chapter end?

Reeva Steenkamp killed   The peoples of South Africa are looking to restore their faith in their state’s justice system, so with many others around the World they are impatiently awaiting the outcome of the Prosecution’s appeal hearing on Oscar Pistorius’ lack of conviction, at trial earlier this year, on the murder charge of his […]

Education in the United Kingdom – what should children be aiming for?

  Some of our teenage children and grandchildren will be doing their mock GCSE exams at their school this year and indeed may have already begun them. This is probably the start of the most difficult period of time in their educational life, because it is the kick-off for the first truly important competitive qualification […]