Becky Watts murder trial Week 4 ends – justice still a long way away?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory

Friday October 30

Earlier this week the Jury heard three days of evidence amidst the crying acts from serial liar Nathan Matthews the killer of schoolgirl Becky Watts.

Now they have been listening to his joined-at-the-hip girlfriend Shauna Hoare ‘s story of events and it transpires that she is also an admitted liar – denying to police she had sent messages to Matthews about kidnapping teenage girls like his stepsister Becky (just a few months before the killing). This was certainly intended to mislead the police and distance herself from any involvement in the crimes at the critical time when he had been charged with young Becky’s vile killing. [An example of thirteen messages between them – “Just went into Costcutter and saw a pretty petite girl. Almost knocked her out to bring home lol xoxo” and Matthews immediately replied to her to “do it”. Their exchanges included phrases like “little sweet 16-year-olds” and “blonde schoolgirls”]. Hoare claims her messages were completely harmless, inappropriate comments to get Matthews in a good mood, yeah?

It is clear that Hoare was utterly dominated and controlled by Matthews, violently, sexually, physically, socially, and mentally – she was scared of him and his explosive violent temper. It is not difficult to believe then that she could be manipulated by him when it came to committing the crimes, like kidnap & murder, she is charged with, is it? Of course she continues to deny any knowledge of what went on, let alone any personal involvement. In her video recorded police interviews she demonstrates a clever ability to handle questions, is articulate, and offers a devious vagueness (with the likes of “I’m not sure” or “Not to my knowledge”) – but as a convincing liar and an admitted serial benefits cheat, what chance is there of her telling the truth when her liberty and future life is at stake, eh?

Hoare’s excuse for making a YouTube internet search for “Do You Want To Hide A Body” (the day after the killing when at the time Becky’s dead body was at her house) was to find a spoof Frozen film song parody, because Williams wasn’t in the best of moods and she knew it made him laugh, eh?


[Becky Watts’ family and friends are wearing a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial].



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