Becky Watts’ killer on trial for her murder repeatedly sobs in Court – no remorse?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory

WEEK 4 continues

Wednesday October 28

Killer Nathan Matthews seems to be well prepared for giving personal evidence to the Court. His shows of emotion -his head in hands, crying, sobbing, and breaking down is worthy of any real actor, don’t you think? So what was all that about? Simply to get the Court to feel sorry for his predicament and adjourn for a break? Well. we didn’t get any explanation from him or his Defence, did we? Perhaps he had watched earlier this year, the South African trial of Oscar Pistorius who did that so copied what he had done there? Pistorius got off the murder charge of course and was convicted of manslaughter with a light sentence – which is Matthews’ goal, isn’t it?

By his own admission Matthews is, even under pressure, an accomplished and plausible liar, who has shown himself to demonstrate no normal human emotion and is capable of behaving completely normally on the outside after committing his dreadful acts – a bedroom killing, a bath dismembering into pieces, clingfilm packaging body parts, and garden shed disposing of the remains of his schoolgirl stepsister Becky Watts. He has conceded that though he was panicking he was able not to show it – he was able to behave normally when police visited his house when the body was there. With that indisputable evidence to go on, the Court shouldn’t be giving his emotional breakdown performances the time of day, should it, and the Jury can rely on nothing in his witness evidence, surely?

The chances of the Prosecution tripping him up or getting to the truth of matters through him, is a big fat zero – so we will learn nothing from his evidence under cross-examination, will we? He has set out to exonerate his long term girlfriend Shauna Hoare to save her in the hope that she at least will carry on life as normal.

Matthews planned to pay out ten thousand pounds to those who hid the body parts for him for a few days. He had half of that himself and Hoare had the other half – how did he intend to get hold of that if Hoare really knew nothing about the killing and disposal?

As usual the perpetrator and his Defence blames the victim for what has happened. Matthews wants us to think that Becky caused the problem by being horrible to his mother (no evidence presented of that of course, is there?), and because she struggled when he immobilised and kidnapped her, he had to throttle her to succeed, so really it is her fault that he ended up killing her?


[Becky Watts’ family and friends are wearing a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial].



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