Further questions arising at the Bristol murder trial of teenager Becky Watts ?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory

WEEK 3 completed

We are only a fewf weeks into this murder trial, so the Prosecution are still telling the Court the facts and their evidence about the harrowing killing and disposal of Becky Watts’ remains. As the week has progressed further details have emerged from the Prosecution about some of the accused’s statements to the police, and we have now heard some of their previous answers to some of the puzzling questions. Possibly more will come out next week, and doubtlessly we will get full clarification when finally the Defence have called their witnesses, don’t you think?

However, stepbrother Nathan Matthews admits in his official police confession (indeed surprisingly written for him by his solicitor!), that he went equipped for and intending to ‘kidnap’ Becky – so how comes the ‘not guilty’ plea to that? He also admits first subduing and then finally strangling Becky when he ‘‘panicked’ because she saw it was him (but she knew ALREADY as he had spoken to her!) –  why is that not murdered then? You don’t violently strangle by ‘accident’ do you? We non-legal eagles can surmise perhaps that he will try to deploy the new defence of ‘loss of control’ (which has replaced ‘provocation’) – if so, the Prosecution will need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Matthews did not act in fact with a normal degree of tolerance and self-restraint and that he alone was responsible for the circumstances of the killing, won’t they? Matthews told police the kidnap idea was all down to TV and dreams – some might say evil? The dismembering killer actually cried during his confession police interview – very touching, eh?

Matthews claimed HE was the one who slammed the door to intentionally indicate to Hoare that Becky had left home – very good, clever and urgent pre-planning activity by one who had unintentionally killed a young girl moments before, and claims to be someone with mental health and learning difficulties (so a killer who could not tell his account verbally and direct to the police, but only through a written solicitor’s statement, eh?).

The Prosecution look so far like having a very difficult case to prove against Shauna Hoare because Williams has exonerated her (telling police he acted totally alone in killing, moving the body, cutting it up, and disposing of it). Notwithstanding, Hoare’s DNA was found on two bin bags (the inside surface of the two knots) and a face mask, found linked with Becky’s body parts– secondary transfer is of course claimed (how would that occur – through Williams?), so that evidence will in law prove nothing about her involvement, will it?

It is claimed that Hoare was unaware of the dismembering, yet the bathroom said to have been used must have been well covered to have prevented Becky’s blood and DNA being left there. Williams says he simply told her the toilet was blocked when he hid and cut-up the body in there – how did she get to one for days?. The extended power tool noise and odorous smell that Hoare suffered for days is explained by her as Williams fixing the toilet.

Regarding a cut injury Williams had displayed a few days after Becky’s killing, Hoare says she simply accepted his weird explanation that it was the result of ‘helping a friend’, whereas she admitted to police that Williams did not have ‘any’ friends – strange?

Police were told by Hoare that because she was a heavy sleeper she would not have noticed her sleeping partner getting-up and doing things in the night

When and how did her long-term boyfriend obtain illegal tsar stun guns and put a kidnap bag with them and other stuff into his car and how comes Hoare didn’t know absolutely anything? Has the Projection uncovered any facts about her knowledge?

It doesn’t matter how vague or unbelievable Hoare’s explanations are – that doesn’t provide hard evidence does it?

They had an excuse to go to Becky’s home the day of the killing because Hoare is the registered carer for Matthew’s mother (why one might wonder – perhaps that is another funny?), but how comes they go to the house when they actually ‘knew’ she was not there but at a hospital appointment (so Becky would be alone?) – cleaning? Did they do any cleaning? Matthews says they were returning a ‘tin’ to a grandmother – (believable?). What did they actually do for the day – apart from Matthews violently killing Becky? [For some unreported reason Hoare also know as Phillips on social media?].

James Ireland is accused of part of the killing cover-up and a flatmate of Ireland says he was told by him that his help in hiding the body parts was ‘something to do with a robbery’ – so if he knew he was helping an offender, so how can he say ‘not guilty’? The flatmate also reported that Ireland was expected a payoff of £5K to spend on a holiday. He heard that they were ‘soft’ items that Ireland helped dispose of so Ireland must have seen and felt them, surely?

Where did those like Ireland expect Matthews to get the promised £5K to pay them off? He apparently was unemployed but had previously worked as a Chinese takeaway delivery driver. (One assumes that he did not actually have that kind of money available? Just a ploy?).


[Becky Watts’ family and friends are wearing a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial].




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