Oscar Pistorius wins and swaps a cushy prison hospital with special privileges for luxury house arrest – Justice?

reevaReeva Steenkamp killed



Most people have not been surprised or shocked by yesterday’s news that a South African parole board has reinstated its previous decision to free Pistorius from prison to house arrest (next Tuesday) –many may be disappointed though, eh? There had been an outside chance that he would be kept inside a further few weeks until he faced the Prosecution’s appeal against his acquittal of murder to be heard at the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein.

SA Justice Minister Michael Masutha had fudged the rules a bit in August to stop Pistorius being released, as then planned after only ten months for blasting Reeva Steenkamp to smithereens – but it was a long shot to expect the parole board to back down, wasn’t it?

Only a few days before Oscar Pistorius shot her, Reeva expressed concern about violence against women in South Africa – but she wrongly though that she herself was safe. Whatever happens now to Pistorius, nothing can bring back this young lady, but her killer should not escape the consequences of his dreadful actions, surely?


[Oscar Pistorius will now return to his normal rich privileged life – if only for a few more weeks while Reeva Steenkamp is lost forever]

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