Big questions needing answers at the murder trial of teenager Becky Watts

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory


WEEK 2 progresses

The Jury have been taken this week to view the houses implicated in the killing and disposal of this young schoolgirl, Becky Watts, so they can make important judgements on the evidence presented on what actually happened on the day of Becky’s killing and afterwards. The prosecution continue to detail their evidence about her death and the gruesome finding of her body parts in the accused couple’s friend’s house shed.

The biggest question the jury will want answering from Nathan Matthews’ defence is why the killing was not murder – there is no clue about that yet, is there? Furthermore, why did he and his girlfriend go to the girl’s house that morning anyway – did they intend to kidnap or harm in any way Becky? Why did they stay there for many hours? How was her body removed and by who – one person or more?

The girlfriend Shauna Hoare has also big questions that need answering, since she denies all five charges against her. In her first voluntary giggly interview with police she claimed she immediately went out to the garden to smoke a cigarette – a bit of strange behaviour surely? She reports that she spent fifteen to twenty minutes doing that – smoking a cigarette takes most people only about five minutes, doesn’t it? Once back in the kitchen she spent some minutes washing her hands – thorough and commendable for a smoker, eh? She recounts that she heard from a few yards away, the front door ‘slam’, which she ‘assumed’ was Becky leaving in a huff – how can that be true when her boyfriend admits to being upstairs strangling Becky, so nobody can have gone out? It is said by the prosecution that Becky’s body over a number of days was cut into eight pieces with a power tool circular saw in the couple’s house – the kind of activity that can’t go unnoticed, don’t you think?

While these two main individuals face significant questions about the killing, all the other four accused will need to explain fully to the jury or judge their actions following Becky’s killing – until then there are serious doubts about their innocence or lack of knowledge, isn’t there?

[Becky Watts’ family and friends are wearing a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial].




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