Why Britain MUST have the Trident replacement – NOT?

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Britain already has a shed load of nuclear bombs. The current method of attack delivery is the submarine Trident system, but after thirty five years this is nearing its ‘best before’ date. The cost of replacement (a hundred billion pounds over forty years?) to be operational in fifteen years time, will possibly bankrupt this country – we will have to build new submarines and rely on the Americans to provide us with, and maintain, the new intercontinental missiles and nuclear warheads at enormous cost that will certainly decimate our defence budgets. We can still be a nuclear power without Trident nevertheless, if we so wish. Our expense motivated MPs will be making the decision on whether to proceed or not early next year – what should they do, do you think?

Many-many prominent politicians of the main parties constantly insist that we ‘must’ replace Trident. Those who oppose them are described as being ‘unpatriotic’ and disgusting individuals prepared to leave this country completely ‘undefended’. In what way does having a nuclear bomb and almost fail proof delivery method, protect this Country, you may ask? The claim of course is that having had it for seventy years has kept us free from being attacked – but what is the actual evidence about that, then? Certainly nothing tangible is it? It is a myth surely?

Who would want to attack and invade our small insignificant island, do you think? Surely, that would be only another country that wanted to simply neutralise our nuclear capability? Not even the Crown Jewels would tempt them would it, eh? These days we have no real assets that would be of interest to others, do we? We have no valuable resources, or easily extractable rich minerals or precious metals, etc, to speak of – no diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, crystals, pearls, coral, iron ore, aggregates, coal, bauxite (aluminium), magnesium, uranium (nuclear fuel), or even fish (taken nowadays by the EU) – off Scotland we do still have a bit of offshore gas and oil which is pretty worthless these days anyway, isn’t it?

We make money by providing financial ‘services’ but now we have no industry left to speak of – no coal mining, steel industry, shipbuilding, textile mills, lorry factories, bus building, train construction, commercial planes, cars, electronics, water, or energy (anything there is owned abroad anyway, isn’t it?) No one needed to invade our Country after World War 2 because we eagerly sold-off everything of value to any bidder (we still have Stonehenge though, but how long before that is shipped abroad by the Tories, eh?). Our farming is defunct and we can’t feed even ourselves anymore – our grain growing is pitiful, wool production minute, milk production uncompetitive, livestock husbandry suspect, chickens disease prevalent. We used to have major cash cow supermarkets, but they are being progressively ousted by the Germans, What was once a beautiful landscape has been blighted and overcrowded so increasingly we here already have nowhere to live – the Highlands of Scotland is all that remains, but for how long? No foreigners would want to violently invade here to populate us because they can do that already without any fuss, can’t they?

Make no mistake about it – it wasn’t us Brits who really developed the atom bomb and dropped two on Japan obliterating hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, as it was the Yanks. We played a big part of course and as a trusted Ally became an original nuclear power – some nine nations though now have nuclear weapons (United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea – delivery capability differs).

The United Kingdom is like an old man living on his memories of his youth and past life of success and worse still endlessly talking about it. The British were once an exploring seafaring people, and a trading nation that ruled the world through power, influence and overwhelming aggressive ability. We created an empire by conquering many other lands, enslaving their peoples, and stealing their resources to enrich our Country. We have progressively given it all up – not necessarily because our conscience finally kicked in, eh? Somehow or other we still want to strut the world stage and exercise power and influence despite no longer having overwhelming aggressive ability? Dream on everybody.

Modern thermonuclear bombs are so much more powerful (ten to a hundred times) than the original bomb so they can wipe out countries not just cities. Nobody in their right mind would drop such a bomb whatever the circumstances, nor could any nation make a retaliatory strike response, as such a nuclear war would eliminate all life including mankind. Our nuclear defence is a ‘pretend’ weapon threat that is clearly pointless since it cannot actually be used – at least with conventional guns and solders you get a chance to fight a war. The US, in their own interests, wants the UK to have it because operating such a weapon makes the us in military terms patrol ‘point’ – the most exposed position in a military combat formation so we would get taken out first, well before the USA. A hydrogen bomb on London on Prime Minister’s Question day would eliminate our political structure, wouldn’t it? A couple more on the East coast would complete the job. Our nuclear submarine commanders have a Prime Minister letter of instruction on what action to take if the UK is done for – a possibly five year old letter predicting who might have done the deed, do you think?

We need Trident like a hole in the head, wouldn’t you say?


[Do YOU have a say? Well, NO, But you do have a voice – if you are in a political party you can let them know what you think, and everyone should write to their MP whether for or against Trident so this is a public influenced decision]

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