Becky Watts’ killer’s and the other accused expected defence claims – are they credible?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory



DAY 4 [Thursday 8 October  2015]

One of the biggest surprise that some of us have, is how comes that none of the English murder defence barristers never get nominated for major acting awards – unbelievably not one of them so far has won a BAFTA let alone an Oscar for their court performances have they? It is probably because though that the fairytale story lines they are grossly overpaid to peddle on behalf of their clients are so unbelievable, perhaps?

The posh and rich push their children towards the law and the criminal bar, while the lower classes and poor allow their kids to drift into theatre and the stage – so both sets end up as accomplished actors, eh? [OK some emerge as politicians if they are particularly good at lying?].

In Bristol Crown Court it is now disclosed today that stepbrother Nathan Matthews admits the actual killing of sixteen year old Becky Watts, but claims nevertheless that it was not ‘murder’. In due course his legal team will be explaining that conundrum to the jury, won’t they? We can only assume that the defence will be that it was an accidental killing, or even diminished responsibility, or something else bizarre, so the gruesome killer is only guilty of manslaughter? If past experience is anything to go by, the chances of Matthews giving his own evidence from the witness box to explain such matters is certainly slim – but no doubt his barrister will act very accommodatingly in his place?

The co accused of Becky’s murder, the killer’s quiet withdrawn girlfriend Shauna Hoare, is apparently denying all knowledge of any wrongdoing going on whatsoever. Reportedly the teenager’s body was dismembered in the two accused’s home bath over a number of days and packaged-up, but she was oblivious to it all for some reason (while neighbours heard strange noises) – an implausibility which no doubt will all be explained away and disclosed to the jury by her barrister in the coming weeks?

The court non-guilty pleas of involvement from Donavan Demetrius and James Ireland for their claimed assistance will be tested of course by the Crown’s evidence against them – it needs to be more than circumstantial and we will wait and see, wont we?

Do you have to be stupid, naive, or a blatant liar, to say that someone wants to pay you five grand to urgently and secretly store packaged heavy squidgy stuff in your shed, when the person is linked to a young girl missing in suspicious circumstances? Is it credible that Karl Demetrius and Jaydene Parker wanted that tainted reward for a house deposit, while it appears knowing it was to be obtained by illegal assistance to an offender, but thought it was possibly simply light weight cannabis – the defence barristers will possible explain that to the Judge later, don’t you think?

What though about the ones who will never face justice in this case – those who knew, those who ought to have known, those who covered-up, those who kept stum (in other cases frequently involving close family particularly mothers)? What about those who provided the two illegal taser stun guns retrieved from Matthews and Hoare? Without those firearms as backup would the attack and killing of Becky Watts have ever gone ahead? Will the Police get the scum involved – er, NO.


[Nothing of course can bring back Becky Watts, but her memory remains important – join her family and friends and wear a blue ribbon in her memory during the trial, perhaps?]




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