Bristol murder trial proceeds with the Prosecution outlining gruesome details of Becky Watts’ killing – will the truth be exposed?

becky blueribbon Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory



Well the reconstruction of the sexually motivated bizarre killing and grotesque cover-up of the crime has been summarised to the jury. Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare, the two charged with Becky Watts’ murder, have pleaded ‘not guilty’, while apparently one admitting killing the teenager. They plead the same way regarding the kidnap charges, while on the other three charges (perverting justice, preventing burial, and possessing weapons) Matthews admits guilt and Hoare denies it.

The other two on trial (for assisting an offender), James Ireland and Donavan Demetrius are going with ‘not guilty’ pleas. It is now disclosed though that at an earlier hearing Karl Demetrius and Jaydene Parker, had admitted assisting an offender.

It appears that Becky was suffocated at home, and her body further abused before being dismembered with a purchased for the purpose circular saw, then it was wrapped in cling film, and disposed of in a garden shed as part of a devious and well executed plan to hide the truth – actions supported by self-interested helpers. The unsavory facts will be fully exposed to the devastation of Becky’s family because there is a trial – should the legal system have allowed that? If these defendants are subsequently to be found innocent then the answer is of course ‘yes’, but if found guilty then the answer is certainly ‘no’. There is a mandatory life sentence in murder cases in England so defendants have nothing to lose by pleading not guilty, as the judge can’t add an additional tariff – you can’t increase a life sentence can you?

The Prosecution has now indicated that they will have substantial physical, forensic and circumstantial evidence to support their charges against the accused, and no doubt it will take some weeks to present all of that to the long suffering jury. It will be a while yet before we hear the explanation from the Defence. It beggars belief though that lawyers can come up with an excuse for Becky’s killing and subsequent sickening abuse if there is an actual admission of causing the death, don’t you think? Perhaps the favorite from their defence manual might be an ‘accidental’ killing? We will have to wait and see, won’t we? Perhaps there is a strong defence to be presented, that will astound us all?


[Yet more sickening revelations will inevitably come to light unfortunately – not pleasant for most of us and certainly not for the squeamish]




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