The ‘most powerful man in the World’ humbled – Barrack Obama?

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Last Thursday was an embarrassing one for the American people, wasn’t it? No, not because their President Barrack Obama has been upstaged once again by Russian President Vladimir Putin – this time over Syria. No, not because the USA’s supposed superior military might and massive firepower is seen worldwide to count for nothing, as Russian jets smash to smithereens the US supported fighters against Assad in that country. No, not either because the Russian airforce generals treat their American counterparts with distain, is it?

No, it is much closer to home, isn’t it. It is the sight of their President appearing on television to announce to the World his impotence in dealing with gun laws and halting the ongoing slaughter of innocent civilians. Once again a heavily armed maniac youth has gone on a shooting rampage in a college campus – this time in rural Oregon. Cornered he shot himself but not before he had killed nine and wounded seven others at Umpqua Community College. He had been in possession of over a dozen guns and substantial ammunition.

Obama recounted that such mass killings had become a ‘routine’ event, but there was nothing to be done – as President he was powerless and reduced to simply limply moaning about the legislators’ refusal to introduce any form of gun control. There have been nine such carnages in the last half dozen years including the massacre three years ago of twenty young kids, and six adults, with another two wounded at Newtown Connecticut Elementary School. Everyone thought ‘enough is enough’ didn’t they? But everybody had miscalculated the power of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the blatant self centred self preservation cowardice of Congress senators.

The attitude in America might well be summed-up by the comments of the latest killer’s father (a Brit). He declined to give a statement and unbelievably demanded that the media “respect my privacy” – his own biological  son had just shot sixteen people for gods sake].

Obama has been able to do nothing effective and the stream of mass shootings is on the increase and they are now in the hundreds each year.

The curse of America’s vile shootings is the Constitution Second Amendment and its ‘right to bear arms’. This was intended to allow local militias to arm themselves against any central government oppression, but has been hijacked by the likes of the NRA to allow all individuals however sick in the head to amass countless guns including powerful assault weapons.

Consequently America now has the highest country level of gun ownership and the greatest number of gun killings in the developed world to go with it. Twenty years ago Australia had an equivalent problem and introduced gun controls which have seen their death rate from gun violence drop like a stone by two-thirds. So the Yanks’ gun death rate is three times that of the Aussies and the tears of the US relatives of those murdered still fall on stony ground, don’t they?

Why is Barrack Obama so inept on this internal horrific gun issue? Perhaps it is simply because he is a thoroughly decent and nice man, who can’t handle confrontation? To be a President you have to have a nasty vindictive streak that allows you to destroy those who stand in your way, or those who let you down. The US President has devious sources of power and influence – the means if needs be to end political careers. People ought to be shit scared of him, but in Obama’s case there is no question of that – he’s a pussycat.


[Obama’s has available an easy, quick, and effective solution to the firearms problem – outsmart Congress and have the Secretary of State declare the ‘National Rifle Association’ to be a terrorist organisation (it certainly acts like one, don’t you think?). Congress then would only have seven days to block the designation, not giving the lobbyists much time to swing into action, eh?]

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