The Iraq War was an unmitigated disaster and the Chilcot Report an ongoing disgrace – whose fault?

  The history is that a dozen years ago Britain joined a coalition with America to invade Iraq. The excuse was that its long-time Dictator Saddam Hussein would not cooperate with UN nuclear inspections and was hiding weapons of mass destruction that represented an immediate threat to us in the West – it all turned […]

Becky Watts murder trial Week 4 ends – justice still a long way away?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Friday October 30 Earlier this week the Jury heard three days of evidence amidst the crying acts from serial liar Nathan Matthews – the killer of schoolgirl Becky Watts. Now they have been listening to his joined-at-the-hip girlfriend Shauna Hoare ‘s story of events and it transpires that she […]

Further evidence from Becky Watts’ killer on trial for her murder in Bristol – yet more lies and damn lies?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory   WEEK 4 continues Thursday October 29 Nathan Matthews has been on the stand for the third day – his crying act, head hanging, and hand wringing continues apace. He admits he has shown no remorse for killing Becky Watts or expressed sorrow to her family for it, nor […]

Becky Watts’ killer on trial for her murder repeatedly sobs in Court – no remorse?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory WEEK 4 continues Wednesday October 28 Killer Nathan Matthews seems to be well prepared for giving personal evidence to the Court. His shows of emotion -his head in hands, crying, sobbing, and breaking down is worthy of any real actor, don’t you think? So what was all that about? […]

The Becky Watts murder trial in Bristol progresses – but what chance of truth and justice?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory WEEK 4 underway The Prosecution have now completed their case against all the accused. How has that left things, eh? Well some of the questions we might have had remain unanswered. We haven’t learned a lot more than we did know already about sixteen years old Becky Watts’ killing. The […]

Next year England are heading off to Euro 2016 – ending in another kick in the groin for football fans?

A couple of weeks ago the England football team completed a rout of the opposition in their qualifying group for the UEFA European finals to be held next June and July in ten cities in France between the twenty-four successful teams. Home and away, England won ten out of ten – that is a commendable […]

We let young people drive on UK roads at 17 years old – an invitation to die early?

  To return to a previous topic, it is a sad fact of life that we will see many-many hundreds of our driving young people heading for the morgue in the next year. How do we know that? Because it happens EVERY year – year on year, doesn’t it? Perhaps it could be even someone […]

Further questions arising at the Bristol murder trial of teenager Becky Watts ?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory WEEK 3 completed We are only a fewf weeks into this murder trial, so the Prosecution are still telling the Court the facts and their evidence about the harrowing killing and disposal of Becky Watts’ remains. As the week has progressed further details have emerged from the Prosecution about […]

Computer use in Nuclear Reactors – are the Chinese coming?

  Fifty year old Hinkley Point Nuclear power station being decommissioned [to be replaced by the Chinese] It can have escaped few people’s notice that the inscrutable Chinese president Zi Jinping was yesterday commencing his State visit to us in the UK, can it? It included of course a ceremonial welcome, a massive gun salute, a […]

Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down – but will we ever know the truth?

 Recovered cockpit Last summer, fifteen months ago, in 2014 a civilian airliner (Malaysian flight MH17) was blasted out of the skies over eastern Ukraine by a Russian BUK launched surface-to-air missile with the loss of all 293 lives (mostly Dutch), some of who probably knew their deadly fate for more than a minute. The Dutch […]