FIFA & World Football is in the mire through corruption -but is the FA & English Football in the mire through incompetence?

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If there is one thing we all do know about football, it is that it is now in total turmoil. Yes, but whose fault is that then, or who played a part in it? Well what you might consider perhaps is that the English FA are somewhat implicated? But not through skulduggery but sheer incompetence and head-in-the-sand inaction perhaps?

England along with some of the other historic major soccer nations like Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay, Hungry, Sweden, Argentina, Switzerland, have allowed the sport to be hijacked by the likes of Sebb Blatter and the ‘non-entity soccer’ countries around the world.

Anyone who has travelled about the globe will tell you that poverty inevitably creates power and power inexorably breeds corruption. Developed and civilianised societies are not immune and a hundred years ago our Lord Acton warned us all that ‘power tends to corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. We have never heeded him though, have we? He also claimed that ‘great men are almost always bad men’, and history has backed that up, hasn’t it?

How then did we allow an organisation like FIFA even to emerge let alone then to metamorphose into its current ‘out of control’ monster form, awash with money, to be led by people like Blatter and his henchmen, to be packed with the hangers-on, and to beget corrupt heads out in the field? The English FA simply turned a blind eye didn’t it, until it got bitten on the bum by having their 2018 World Cup bid not only trounced but ridiculed.

It was only then that the FA publically announced that FIFA was corrupt and that we wanted Blatter out. Our named proposed successor was French ex-superstar of the 1980s one Michel Platini UEFA President, who the English FA had decided was the man to clean things up. Unfortunately it now turns out that four years ago when he was looking to stand against Blatter for the Presidency, Platini was then given one million and thirty-five thousand pounds by Blatter for services rendered beforehand (a bit of a late payment indeed – nine years apparently) – and for some unknown reason Platini withdrew from the election?

The FA’s ineptitude in dealing with FIFA is more than matched though by its destruction of English football and the future of English footballers, hasn’t it? Don’t just consider the succession of known losers appointed, against the football public’s wishes, as England Manager at enormous expense. Don’t just consider the total lack of success or even credible performances of England in competitions. Don’t just consider that all the major clubs have been allowed to be sold-off to foreigner buyers who care nothing for football let alone English football. Don’t just consider that foreign managers now run all the major shows in town as appointed by the new owners. Don’t just consider that football fans and true supporters no longer have a say in their clubs. Don’t just consider that the massive funding poured into English football by television and sponsership has been allowed to go on transfer fees and disappear into players and agents’ deep pockets so that the trickle down to grassroots football is derisory. Don’t just consider that our football fans are ripped-off on prices so the traditional working class supporters of old have been excluded (Arsenal a side ranked 10 in Europe has season ticket price £1955; Barcelona ranked 3 in Europe has season ticket price £635 not a third as much) No the host of constant failures of our governing body is only outmatched by the high salaries and expenses they pay themselves, don’t you think?

England will never in your lifetime ever again win the World Cup or anything else for that matter with the FA calling the tune – and certainly not if we remain in FIFA! That is simply because we can no longer develop our players’ innate talent. No, now they can’t get the essential experience of playing top level football here because they don’t get a kick of the ball – the field is full of foreign players instead isn’t it? Earlier this month England’s Premier clubs had four teams full of foreigners playing matches in Europe’s prestigious Champions League – we had less than ten English players getting a kick, What does that tell you, eh?


[England should immediately withdraw from the 2018 World Cup and instead organise a competition here in England for like minded countries, don’t you think?]




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