The Bristol Murder – Justice for Becky Watts or not?

becky Oh, it is not in the news now of course, but it will be next month – when the trial starts of six people charged with murder, or other offences involved, in the dreadful gruesome killing and disgusting dismembering of a shy sixteen year old teenage schoolgirl Becky Watts in Bristol.

Stepbrother Nathan Matthews 28 and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare 21 are the ones facing the actual murder charges, include conspiracy and perverting the course of justice, , while the four others are charged with serious offences like assisting an offender – what that entails we will have to see, won’t we?

We all have no idea if these people are innocent or guilty, but what we do know is that our justice system will inevitably let down the tragic Becky, her dad Darren Galsworthy, mother Tania Watts, Brother Daniel, and everyone else directly hit by these dreadful events. It always does, doesn’t it?

It will have taken some eight months to bring the accused before the trial Court to answer the accusations. What has been happening in all that time then? Well, our money will have been spent like nobody’s business – not just on imprisonment or Court time, or like remands and case management, but by the leaching lawyers, who will have raked in a fortune already, totally uncontrolled of course.

Four of the accused (Karl Demetrius, girlfriend, Jaydene Parsons, twin brother Donovan Demetrius, and friend Jamie Ireland), whether guilty or not, are out there now living their normal lives on bail, and certainly nobody is yet entering pleas to any of the charges against them.

You can bet your bottom dollar that whether guilty or innocent, whatever the facts or the evidence, whatever absence of defence, or anything else, we will certainly see ‘not guilty’ defences entered by some if not all of the accused – that is the way it is allowed to go these days. The more adversarial, the wider the confrontation, the more complex, the longer the trial, the more money the lawyers and their firms will make, eh? Justice comes last. This all ensures that whatever the verdict in the end, we will see a distressing and expensive High Court facade for a month or more, to bring further misery to the poor girl’s family and friends, and shock the general public into the bargain. The lawyers always advise their clients to chance their arm in Court, as they have little to lose – if as unlikely the judge imposes an additional jail penalty for saying ‘not guilty’ it won’t be all that significant as custodial sentences invariably are automatically halved anyway and parole is always a strong possibility before that – you see, our jails are too crowded, we won’t build more, so justice for the victims can get stuffed, can’t it?.

What will happen in Bristol Court in this case is anyone’s guess. If these accused people are in fact not implicated in this heinous crime, all to the well and good, but if they are, you can be absolutely certain that the barristers will be allowed to tell unbelievable lies and invent story book scenarios on their clients’ behalf if they so wish, while the accused can avoid any direct questioning if that helps them get off.

In any such trial, don’t think that those in the dock are the only ones possibly connected with the crime – no there will be others on the peripheries who have been involved, but the Police have been unable to bring forward to face justice.


[Whatever happens now there can be no proper justice in our sick society for this young lady Becky Watts, can there? Keeping her memory in our thoughts will at least show we care, don’t you think?]



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