Putin and Russia versus Obama and the West – no contest?

   Russian aircraft in Syria (photo Daily Mirror) It is a few year now since Vladimir Putin set out to tweak the nose of Barrack Obama, isn’t it? Russia following the demise of the USSR had already lost its pride of place as a joint superpower with America, when Putin initiated his campaign. We all […]

FIFA & World Football is in the mire through corruption -but is the FA & English Football in the mire through incompetence?

      If there is one thing we all do know about football, it is that it is now in total turmoil. Yes, but whose fault is that then, or who played a part in it? Well what you might consider perhaps is that the English FA are somewhat implicated? But not through skulduggery […]

England’s only now phasing out free plastic bags – a mammoth parliamentary scandal?

A week on Monday the English shoppers are in for a shock – albeit only a little shock for now though. The free re-usable plastic shopping bag is going to be compulsorily charged-for at 5 pence each – BUT only by the BIG-boy retailers. Oh yes, over the past fifty years the ‘single use’ ‘free’ […]

Pistorius stays in jail for now – perhaps justice in South African will prevail after all? UPDATED

Reeva Steenkamp killed   UPDATE 20 SEPTEMBER Well, well , well Pistorius hasn’t had his Durban parole board application reheard there as yet – so must spend a couple of more weeks in jail at least. His hearing is on the list but he hasn’t been favoured and prioritised this time, so has to wait […]

Labour’s new Shadow Cabinet members 2015 – what you have to know about them?

  Well, well, well, Jeremy Corbyn has had his first taste of the straightjacket of power. He had to produce some thirty members of a shadow cabinet like rabbits out of a hat. His train didn’t actually hit the buffers, but it was certainly delayed and diverted. He found that being in charge didn’t always […]

Death of a Party – has LABOUR finally done it, RIP?

None of us clever clogs saw it coming. When Labour badly lost the 2015 General Election last May it came as a surprise – and not least to PM David Cameron (the lies won it). The electorate turned out at the last minute to be a fickle lot, don’t you think? Unbelievably, Labour’s Leader Ed […]

Pistorius stays in jail for now – perhaps justice in South African will prevail after all

Reeva Steenkamp killed   The last news on the bloody shooting dead of Reeva Steenkamp in Joburg is that to the relief of most casual observers, her killer Oscar Pistorius was not released from jail a couple of weeks ago as scheduled. No, he has been kept banged up for now – all-be-it most of […]

The Bristol Murder – Justice for Becky Watts or not?

 Oh, it is not in the news now of course, but it will be next month – when the trial starts of six people charged with murder, or other offences involved, in the dreadful gruesome killing and disgusting dismembering of a shy sixteen year old teenage schoolgirl Becky Watts in Bristol. Stepbrother Nathan Matthews 28 […]

Britain was an original Nuclear Power – so let’s keep Trident?

Fat Man A-Bomb Nagasaki Trident launch Seventy years ago Britain played its full part in the US dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan, wiping out a quarter of a million people, (half of them slowly) and mostly civilians [the standard military excuse of ‘collateral damage’ won’t wash on that one will it?].  Somehow or […]