The evil of ISIS has to be confronted and defeated – but who is going to do it though?


It has been evident to even non-military people that we are on a loser when it comes to dealing with the threat posed by the bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists, hasn’t it?

But how comes we have got into that state of affairs when we in the West have a massive military capability with large numbers of standing forces, and into the bargain ISIS is violently opposed in the Middle East as well (like by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, etc) – indeed a total coalition of some sixty countries against them no less? Simple really, no one has the stomach for the real fight, do they? The real fight is of course ‘boots on the ground’ as the saying goes, and as all those in the know say “you cannot win a war by airpower alone”!

We in Britain don’t even have those combat troop boots these days do we? No, we have decimated our army to a level where it is no longer an effective force capable of fighting such a conflict abroad, so delivering a few ineffective bombs by air is the best we can do nowadays. Former commanders of the Army, Air Force, and Navy have now come out publically to point out our sad current military feebleness – you can bet your bottom dollar also that they are speaking-out on behalf of the incumbent commanders, who are forced to keep shtum.

The Americans positively can provide the boots but won’t, certainly not while ineffective credibility lacking President Obama is in charge, eh? Last year he vowed to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS – it’s not happening though is it? Oh yes, the USA repeatedly claim there ‘could be’ a ground war component by them if necessary, but how much failure does it take before it makes it necessary, eh?

In a vain late attempt to defend their own homeland, Iraq is providing mostly inadequate boots, best suited to running away from a fight. They are badly led, poorly trained, and inexperienced. The US Pentagon repeatedly admits that Iraq’s military isn’t even close to being able to win major fights on their own. The ISIS lot may be terrifying but they equally are incompetent. Over the past year though Shiite militia tribal forces have played an increasing role in the battle against ISIS – but they are linked to the Iranian regime so that in itself creates another worrying element.

It should come as no surprise to anyone however that ISIS is ruling the roost, should it? While the real and biggest fight against the ISIS jihadists should be in their stronghold of Syria, we are ‘head in the sand’ brushing that aside and restricting our gaze only or mainly to Iraq. Again in Syria we encounter an Iranian factor because tyrant President Assad is heavily dependent on Iranian money to kill his own people and also fight the ISIS interlopers.

Air strikes are undoubtedly killing many thousands of ISIS terrorist fighters, a fact which surely becomes totally irrelevant when that simply acts as a recruiting sergeant for their organisation, so thousands more recruits from around the world are lining-up every month for the same fate? You can’t simply defeat a brainwashed group of fanatics by killing them when they have been convinced that death will take them to their god’s paradise, can you? The barbaric acts of the ISIS hoard, instead of disgusting the whole Islamic community, simply further sucks-in the sickest Muslims into ISIS.

The general population in the world are understandably becoming increasingly wary, scared. and suspicious of their Muslim neighbours – to the delight of ISIS who can then claim that the non-Islamic majority are anti-Muslim and need to be eliminated.

It is said that the Americans and British are war weary – and if so that is hardly surprising is it? That situation follows a disastrous near fifteen year war campaign in Afghanistan – surely an inexcusable mistake? Many UK politicians seem to have studied history at Oxbridge but have learned absolutely nothing – no one has ever won in Afghanistan, have they? Then we also got involved in a murderous escapade in Iraq and certainly brought down tyrant Saddam Hussein, but equally in the process achieved a total destabilisation of that country that isn’t going away, is it?

The general public have a naive view of military conflicts don’t they? They somehow find it unnerving that solders die, which is unconvincing considering that our troops these days voluntarily joined a fighting force to kill or be killed, surely?

Perhaps the only way forward to extinguish ISIS, as has been suggested by some, is to employ mercenaries to do the fighting for us if our own regular army won’t and can’t do it? It would need a costly two to five thousand ‘already trained’ combatants, but it wouldn’t really be all that expensive though in modern warfare terms – and the UK have already sacked ten thousand of our soldiers with another ten thousand to go, and many of those will still be fighting fir, won’t they? British and American airpower, weaponry, intelligence, and logistic resources could work alongside such a private military army and defeat ISIS once and for all – otherwise we face a decade of failure, surely?



[So, the answer to the critical question of who is going to take effective action against ISIS? Well, NOBODY]



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