‘WHO’ is in charge – David Cameron or Lynton Crosby?



Most of the people in the UK have heard of David Cameron – well he has been our Prime Minister for five years (and Leader of the Conservative Party for five years before that – but did he stab his senior colleague & front runner David Davis in the back to get that job, you might ask?).

But who the hell is Lynton Crosby? If you are a British voter you probably will never have heard of him. If you are an Australian you might have? If you are professionally involved in UK politics or political analysis you will certainly know ALL about him!

You see Crosby is an Aussie mercenary election guru, shipped in originally by the Tories over ten years ago – only to fail in the 2005 General Election, but succeed twice in getting Boris Johnson in as London Mayor. Subsequently appointed, two and a half years ago, by Cameron to control the current Conservative’s 2015 General Election campaign (forward planning at work) – so much for reducing immigration to tens of thousands, eh?

Why Mr Crosby, you might wonder? Because he is a bit of an evil maverick, focused, unprincipled, powerful, opinionated, ascribed political mastermind, track record winner (Australian general elections 1998 & 2001), as well as a killer tobacco company lover (& political manipulator on their behalf). He is someone who has interfered for money on hundreds of other people’s elections in many dozens of countries around the world – just the type of guy we need now to decide the future direction of the United Kingdom, eh?

Lynton Crosby is a guy who relishes in creating conflict and mayhem in the political arena, and is a ruthless tactician who identifies suitable target matters and starts unnecessary fights to the death with opponents. Slogans and not truth seem to be his byword of the day. Not for him the way of consensus politics, eh?

On all election issues, Cameron and his Ministers are ‘told’ by Crosby exactly what to say and when. It has been Crosby who has been behind the Conservatives negative campaigns and specifically the vitriolic personal attacks, over many-many months, on Miliband, because he sees such undermining as a suitable tool to divide & drive a wedge within the Labour Party and divert its focus – as well as diminishing further Miliband’s extremely poor public rating. That was what was behind a scurrilous allegation, by a supposedly decent Minister (Defence) sent out under Orders, that the Labour Leader would stab the Country in the back if elected. That episode has been assigned by the pundits into the category of “throwing a dead cat on the table”. This hasn’t been or won’t be the last one either. Meanwhile Ed Miliband’s rating continues to climb, as he shows he can successfully swat-off such assaults. [The Crosby diversionary published ploy is that when the chips are down and the argument is being lost ‘throw a dead cat on the table’ so everyone forgets the point at issue and only comments on there being a dead cat around!].

There is a accord now amongst most UK political commentators that Crosby has though lost the plot and misread this General Election– he apparently predicted that the Tories would be streaking ahead by now – to use Boat race terms they would be in clear water. It hasn’t happened, has it? No, Labour has been hanging in there, holding equal vote share or being slightly ahead, so most media pundits see Ed Miliband picking up the keys to No.10 on May 7 – whether or not he gets a clear majority. Of course with nearly two million seconds still to go until polling day, there is time for something dramatic to happen, don’t you think?


[One thing we all might look forward to nevertheless after the Election, is getting shot of the likes of Lynton Crosby who drags our politicians into the gutter with himself].




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