England’s Football Team – World beaters now?

euro 2016 mascot

euro 2016 mascot

England’s footballers  put up a very poor performance in the Euro 2012 Championship competition (co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine), and gave us a disastrous dog’s dinner show in the Rio World Cup last year (our worst performance EVER at the Finals). As the so called home of the ‘beautiful game’ it has all been a major embarrassment for our dedicated soccer fans, hasn’t it? Even those less interested in football might feel aggrieved that with supposedly the best and richest league in the World (the Premiership) our National team fails time after time after time. The English Football Association’s appointed managers come and go, but with a fortune lining their pockets, and despite the constant failures, the out of touch FA hierarchy blindly carryon without an ounce of self blame or hint of a blemish on their sad reputations (while they themselves also trouser unbelievable amounts of our money).

But don’t worry anybody, the footballing press, the gaggle of knowledge-less ‘writers’, ‘non-players’ and ‘ex-players’ have announced today that we are back in the big time, haven’t they? Just like our current manager Roy Hodgson telling us naively before the World Cup that we were going to win it (when we all knew that was rubbish as our team was rubbish), these idiots claim we have broken through now though.

What is that all about then? Well, we easily won a home match last night against a crowd of no hopers from Lithuania – a welcome success none the less, but talk about taking candy from kids? The media are banging the big drum now because our team have actually won seven matches on a roll – certainly good news as well, and since this clean sweep included the first five matches in our Euro 2016 Qualifier table we can be pretty confident of progressing to the finals next year in France, don’t you think? [we do of course have to play all five teams in our group again though, at the back end of the year  – so don’t get overexcited will you?].

But there is a small problem here though isn’t there? It is simply that only ONE of the teams we have played was any good you see, and that was Switzerland. England has gone down these days in the World rankings (we are now17) and ALL seven teams we beat have gone down also. Two of the matches were friendlies anyway, so don’t really count for much – Scotland rank 39 & Norway rank70. The others that ‘supposedly’ count were Slovenia rank 48, Estonia rank 87, San Marina rank 181, Switzerland ranked 12, and now Lithuania rank 94. Can we really take any pride in beating the four non-entities, do you think? Does this give you any confidence that for next year’s Euros, we can even give a proper game to the likes of Germany rank 1, Belgium rank 4, Netherlands rank 5, Portugal rank 7, France rank 8, Italy rank 10, or Spain rank11? England is no longer a heavyweight in international football completions, is it?

Despite our unbelievably dire performance in Brazil, our previous failure in Ukraine, the widespread big time experienced failure & serial loser, manager Roy Hodgson (with about another five million in his bank) was allowed to carry on regardless. He will hopefully takes his team to the Euro finals next year, but he even has ambitions of being given an extension to have another go at the World Cup in 2018 (what a nightmare scenario, eh?).

Spain might well be favourites to win Euro 2016 as they have got an impressive & massive track record, haven’t they? They are the only team to win three big competitions on the trot – Euro 2008, World Cup 2010. and Euro 2012. OK, they were disappointing and failed at last year’s World Cup (trounced 5-1 by the Netherlands in their first game as well). Their manager Del Bosque is though a ‘serial winner’ so has survived that debacle to fight another day in France, against the other frontrunners like Germany, France, Holland,  and Italy [England always gets a respectful mention in that, but though widely wished for here, please don’t think that is realistic will you?].



[England will NEVER have a team good enough to win any international competition, since our talented players don’t progress sufficiently simply because the premiership is owned by a bunch of over-rich foreigners, the teams are stacked by overpaid overseas players, and the overrated managers are all from abroad – therefore nobody gives a hoot for our National Team, do they?].

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