Oscar Pistorius fights-on for early release – a justice system in turmoil?

reevaReeva Steenkamp killed


It will come as no surprise to those who have followed the excessively long running fiasco of the Pistorius murder trial in Pretoria to have now heard the latest news, will it?

This killer, and rich dysfunctional white South African celebrity, world renowned disabled athlete, is able and now about to challenge the decision of the Trial Judge Thokozile Masipa to allow the Prosecution’s appeal against her earlier decision last year ruling out murder.

Three months ago it appeared that events would move on (even if not swiftly); that Pistorius would have the seemingly (to many, including criticising SA lawyers) bizarre judgment that he could not have foreseen that firing four shots from his ‘Zombie-stopper’ firearm (blowing his girlfriend’s head to smithereens), would be legally reviewed at the highest court in that country (the Supreme Court). Now in serious doubt, isn’t it unfortunately?

Pistorius’ high powered legal team will be back in Masipa’s High court though this week to challenge her decision on allowing the appeal. This is despite the fact that they were also there in court to strenuously oppose the application, and argue their case BEFORE she finally after long deliberation, ruled on points of law and not the facts of the case. Why the hell is the new action by the Defence allowed, you might wonder?

What will happen now is anyone’s guess. It will certainly delay matters – so further secure Pistorius’ early release from incarceration. The outside indications are that Masipa is a confounding loose cannon, who has seemed to be soft on Pistorius. Her manslaughter conviction on him, with a five year sentence, impressed nobody when it was realised that it was cleverly constructed so that he would only serve ten months (in a cushy prison environment to boot), because if she had given him an extra day he would have had to serve his full sentence – sick or not?

Even if the case ever reaches the Appeal Court, so Pistorius will face the possibility of a murder conviction, it will take so long to get there that he will have been well gone from jail and released back to his privileged grand lifestyle, won’t he? How sick is that?

That is South African Justice System for you.



[Pistorius will remain disgraced, irrespective of what happens in Court this week or in a year’s time or whenever, and his killing of Reeva Steenkamp and our her memory of her by the world, will never be forgotten long after Pistorius has deleted it as he did her].


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