Bristol missing teenage girl murdered – British Justice System on trial?

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Most of us will have heard that just less than two weeks ago a sixteen year old girl went missing from home in Bristol. That might not be that unusual though because each year in the UK many teenagers go missing for a variety of reasons (very few abscond to Syria like the three last month). For whatever reason, the police suspected foul play and mounted a major investigation on this situation.

The police are an organisation of course that is reportedly dangerously underfunded & under- resourced by the government, despised & lied about by the criminal fraternity, denigrated by the media at every turn, and frequently misunderstood by the public. But once again they have done an outstanding job against the odds. In Bristol their efforts and investigatory professionalism on this young person’s disappearance has been exemplary, and they have made early arrests and undertaken a number of forensic examinations at various Bristol houses.

The sickening news today for us all is that the police had obtained information last night that has led to the discovery of body parts from a dismembered body – undoubtedly hers. Many of us had feared the worse, and we simply awaited a murder announcement, hadn’t we? The actual gruesome outcome though has come as a dreadful shock that will appal our society. It seems that a total of seven people have been arrested in connection with the crime so far.

We now all expect people to be charged with crimes involved in this young person’s death, don’t we? But do we expect justice? Perhaps not? The English Justice System now springs into place and it regularly lets us down, doesn’t it? Without doubt the police and their support facilities will do an extremely competent job in collecting and amassing the necessary evidence required for prosecutions – then what can we expect?

Those on the periphery of this girl’s murder but implicated, will get away with any involvement they had. Those closely associated with it will be charges with offences and face Court. Anyone directly involved in the murder will be indicted for that offence and face a major murder trial.

Criminal law in England means that all those involved and charged in regard to this disgusting & distressing crime will nevertheless be funded by the rest of us to receive the help of expensive experienced defence lawyers and barristers who don’t give a shit about, or know anything about, or care about, justice, but they know everything about the law and the loopholes to try and get their criminals off. All defendants in major criminal trials plead not guilty these days, and their legal teams come up with all manner of excuses for the criminal not to be convicted – and so often they are successful, aren’t they? [career criminals and rapists sleep easy knowing that their expensive brief will get them off – how do their barristers sleep?].

The killer or killers of this young shy girl will no doubt eventually appear in the dock but unreasonably will deny all of course, and force the prosecution to go through a long trial that exposes all their evil deeds and actions – to the absolute distress of not only the victim’s family and friends, but also to a traumatised jury, and indeed the general public at large. [there will of course be a feeding frenzy by the press though as such a trial will pull in a massive amount of extra money for them, don’t you think?].

Some of those convicted in relation to this wicked murder will face prison – then our Justice System tramples all over the victims again with soft punishments like community service, suspended jail sentences, or custodial prison served in a cushy drug & alcohol infested penal unit – even then whatever the trial Judge decides is the appropriate jail term (within increasingly softer guidelines), the system will simple halve it because we don’t have enough prisons (so the criminals return to the community claiming to have served their time and paid society for their crimes, where obviously they have done nothing of the kind).

[Perhaps one day our Justice System will move out of the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century and become fit for purpose? Bring back hanging? Dream on everybody].

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