“RESPONSIBILITY” – no such word as far as British parents are concerned, eh?


In the UK fifty or sixty years ago the average parent would have been mortified if their children got into serious trouble with the police or authorities, or indeed caused any kind of mayhem in their community. Oh yes some of the kids did it, but mostly naughty things (like knocking on peoples doors) rather than criminal acts. Nevertheless there was something then that no longer exists in our Country nowadays and that is SHAME, don’t you think? Kids who were out of control got sent to Borstal and their families were looked down on and pitied by their neighbours.

These days our society is being terrorised in some places by juveniles who are not just out-of-control, but are born criminals on their way to a life of destruction and turmoil for the rest of us. Often their own families have criminal convictions, criminal tendencies, complete disregard for the law, and utter lack of concern for the criminal behaviour of their often multiple if not even illegitimate offspring.

Absent fathers are a group that regularly show zero responsibility for the offspring they beget. The State tries, predominately however fails, to extract financial commitment through a deficient Child Support Agency, but there is no question of absent parents being held fully accountable and certainly no chance in hell of the bulk of them feeling ‘responsibility’ for the children they have abandoned or don’t support, is there?

Of course the majority of parents in this Country bring their children up to know right from wrong, how to behave, and what is not acceptable, but we seem to have those often at the top of the pile and those at the bottom who allow their children to develop into morons who don’t care about their behaviour or commitments to their society – therefore they expect to take everything they can get away with and return nothing or as little as possible.

To the shame of the generally peaceful Islamic community here in the UK, three young teenage girls (two fifteen & one sixteen) have apparently now absconded from their safe haven homes in East London to join ISIS on the religious conflict in civil war ravaged Syria.

Do their parents take any responsibility whatsoever for allowing their young children’s religious brain-washing and so called ‘radicalisation’ of? Did they not have any control over their children’s views or behaviour? Unbelievably, of course not. They claim it is all the fault of the British security forces who should not only have identified them as potential terrorists (when apparently they as the very parents were incompetent to do so), should have de-radicalised them, and should have prevented them from actually leaving the Country for the Turkey staging post to Syria. One cannot help but wonder who provided the money to make it all possible, or even how flight bookings and departure packing all happened in a household where the parents undertook any level of blame for their errant offspring, surely?

These teenage runaways are all from the same Bethnal Green Academy school in Tower Hamlets borough, where the directly elected existing Muslim mayor is currently accused of abusing public money and council assets, as well as having close links to Islamic extremism – current Government intervention involves sending in Commissioners. [East London hosts the radical East London Mosque, serving the largest Muslim community in England, where hate preachers apparently regularly have a voice – despite denials].

Yep, parental responsibility belongs to a bygone age for a lot of British people now doesn’t it?


[The three young girls have stupidly embarked on a personally highly dangerous escapade for which they are singularly ill-equipped, and they now face a dismal fate in the hands of the brutal ISIS anti-heroes. All religions should pray for them and hope they are spared]

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