Some abject National failures are hitting home now – will they skew the UK General Election in May 2015?


You may not believe it, but sometimes performance in sport actually influences what people think about politics and that can then even determine the government’s survival. Ridiculous though it may sound, such events that government had nothing to do with, can affect the decisions made on election day and boost vote share either way – shocking we know, but factually true, isn’t it? You see success in sports affects voters’ sense of wellbeing, doesn’t it?. But all that can happen within weeks of a vote so nobody should yet despair perhaps?

In light of recent performances then on the World’s sports stage though, the Conservatives must now be running scared, don’t you think? In these few months leading up to the election in May, it is all turning out disastrous on that front for the Tories, and their rivals Labour must be cock a-hoop, surely?

For example take Cycling (which the British public have in recent times been encouraged to be amour’d with through years of enormous reported success), we have this week seen the worst performance in fourteen years of Great Britain in the Paris venue Track Cycling World Championships, without us gaining a single gold medal, and this is followed by pleads for time to ‘rebuild’ the team, no less.

In Cricket not only did England lose the Ashes in Australia last year (thrashed 5-0 no less), but we are nearly bottom of our group in the Australia/New Zealand ICC World Cup standings (below New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, but not Afghanistan or Scotland) – apparently with no excuses offered for unacceptable dismal performances. Indeed in last Friday’s match against New Zealand they were humiliated, suffered the biggest ever defeat, and delivered the worst day in the history of English one-day cricket.

In Boxing England’s big hope Martin Murray at the Monte Carlo World Championships fighting for the middleweight title, not only lost badly by a late knockout last weekend, despite an outstandingly gusty but flawed performance, but that had followed Liverpool’s Paul Smith’s earlier failure in his title fight as well. We now have only a couple of World Champions at any weight in any of the five awarding authorities (with about eighty-five titles to fight for).

Three weeks ago our wonderful Scottish Tennis hero Andy Murray not only lost the Australian Open final, but was humiliated into the bargain by Novak Djokovic.

In Football, the ‘beautiful game’ invented by the British, we were shown up as utter failures and a disgrace in last year’s World Cup. In the team European competition this season three teams have survived (Chelsea, Arsenal & Man City – all have lost the first leg though) to the last sixteen, but if they all go out before the final and Election date, that could scupper the Tories chances, perhaps?

A matter of weeks before the Election Britain’s iconic female world record holder and outstanding Athlete Paula Radcliffe will race her ‘final’ marathon in London. Her departure from the scene will certainly damage public wellbeing, but worse still might see her going out as a big loser on a world stage, as although a three time winner, she hasn’t run the twenty-six miles for three years and she races defending champion and two-times world champion, Edna Kiplagat – Conservatives be warned, eh?



[It certainly looks like our sportspersons are willfully conspiring against the Conservatives – they can’t all be Labour supporters surely?]

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