Populations everywhere are growing like ‘Topsy’ – who will put a stop to it?


The human population of the World has reached well over seven billion now [that is a snapshot say of 7,293,109,900] and increases by two or three babies a second [indeed the population has doubled in fifty years].

This population trend has far reaching implications for our descendents – the facts are that more people are surviving to reproductive age, there are major increases in fertility rates, greater urbanisation, and rising longevity, all combined with accelerating migration.

It is self evident that the limited resources of the globe can’t sustain such a massive and increasing strain. The die was cast by the industrial revolution starting in the mid seventeen hundreds, which not only brought about the explosive growth in populations (rising from only about one billion), but also the exponential exploitation of global natural resources.

It is true that there is evidence of declining growth rates  now, but we are nevertheless destined to double our world population again in a couple of hundred years – normal life is not sustainable on that basis, is it? But who is doing anything effective about it? NOBODY?

Who are the biggest population Countries then? China, India, USA, Indonesia, and Brazil, for a start. However, nearly all future population growth is expected to be from the World’s less developed countries – because of the dual effects of high birth rates and younger populations.

Over-population is not simply a problem or matter for overseas countries alone, is it? No, in the UK the government here needs to take a step forward and deal with some major issues that are developing without intervention. Britain is now the most densely populated country in Europe, and yet our doors are still open to millions of Europeans, and we remain a magnet for invalid asylum seekers & illegal immigrants (which we never seem to be able to expel), and we even do nothing to discourage excessive breeding. If British couples have more than two children or extra children with other partners then our population goes up; is that discouraged or supported with State help, Council priorities, and substantial benefits?

In the last dozen years or so our population has grown by some five million to sixty-five million people and there has been a marked increase in the number of births – as well as increased net immigration [the fastest growth rate in Europe?].

For example startling demography figure statistics show that Islam is expanding rapidly here as we have had substantial immigration of Muslims for a long time now (from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Middle East, and African countries), and also by greater breeding, so that these days a tenth of all children under four in England and Wales are Muslim – what kind of problem is that going to feed into our communities, as we try to maintain a fair undiscriminating multi-cultural society? [Numerous white working-class British areas of 50 years ago have often gone – creating fears that Britain is increasingly becoming a Muslim country].

Then, not a week goes by without images being shown on UK television demanding our public’s financial help to save the lives of those abroad, particularly children in Africa (and we are strikingly generous). But is not the humanitarian foreign aid being provided simply exacerbating their survival problem? Communities that cannot ever sustain themselves continue to breed like rabbits, but nevertheless progress on their paths to destruction through the provision of external aid through the Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOs) and the likes. Reportedly the Gates’ funded charities foundation nowadays combines aid provision with population growth reduction measures.

Furthermore, aid agencies’ help in areas of conflicts & wars, can unintentionally underpin, aggravate, and indeed prolong the conflicts – in all cases aid given cannot remain disconnected from the conflict.


[Aid programmes can simply never eradicate poverty. What is needed instead is institutional changes producing economic growth (and not population growth) supported with rights & freedoms].

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