Barack Obama weak & ineffective – the worst US President in memory?

There is no doubt that African American Democrat Barrack Obama gained the forty-fourth Presidency of the United States six years ago on a tumultuous wave of euphoria. It was achieved through the will of the people and his supporters’ clever use of the internet for fundraising and to galvanise support countrywide.

Obama’s oratory was commendable, his promises convincing, his values laudable, his credentials admirable, but the great hope generated by his inspirational call that “Yes we can” was false, wasn’t it? It couldn’t be done.

Mr Obama was himself simply delusional. A junior Senator, he came from the wrong side of the tracks, he got there by default, and there was no way the real establishment would let him govern and succeed with his idealistic ideas for change in America, would they?

The biggest surprise to us this side of the pond was that he actually got a second term from 2013 – it just shows-up perhaps the state of the opposition at the time?

The first major sign of the incapacity of President Obama, supposedly the most powerful man in the World, was his abject failure on his promise to close the disgusting Guantanamo Bay detention facility holding suspected terrorists. Its very existence undermines the legitimacy of American claimed adherence to the rule of law. They have undoubtedly kidnapped terrorists together with possible non-terrorists and have incarcerated them in Cuba indefinitely without charge, let alone trial, for years in a location devoid of law and due process. There can be no doubt that those held captive there were deemed to represent a significant risk to the United States and the UK and other countries– but the international rule of law says that you can’t simply lock people up without trial, doesn’t it?

The problem you see is that Obama is a genuine honest nice family type guy – not really suitable to be an all American vile self=serving politician, is he? American politics is nothing to do with ‘right’ is it? It is ‘everything’ to do with money, influence, and POWER. Obama has never understood that, so has never been able to invoke it – even if he had had the stomach for it. For example what other President would have appointed his vitriolic defeated nomination opponent (Hilary Clinton) to a worldwide platform post that has well lined her up for her next Presidential challenge next year, eh?

The one thing you can be sure about American politicians and it is that they got elected to Congress by being funded by the wealthy, and those that pay the piper call the tune, don’t they. That is how you can get a supposedly democratic political system that is in fact controlled by the rich and powerful supported with their vile lobbyists – so they still retain disgustingly lax gun control allowing the mentally deficient to hold multiple assault weapons and murder children because their National Rifle Association say it is essential – strange?

Obama has had his wings clipped by his own party as well as his Republican opponents – and it has been a disgraceful episode in American political history. He will go down now underrated as a twenty-first century President, yet he follows-on from less worthy but deemed successful Presidents. Those like sleazebag Bill Clinton (who was good and certainly got the economy right), warmonger George W Bush (who won wars the US had no right to be in), Richard Nixon (effective but of dubious criminality), or even Ronald Reagan (a laidback ex-actor who performed surprisingly well on the World’s political stage), or dare we mention ‘from the disgraced family dynasty’ an overrated character flawed John F Kennedy (who certainly outstared Russia’s Khrushchev over missiles in Cuba, but apparently was more concerned with sharing Marilyn Monroe than America’s role, and whose real legacy remains as getting shot in Dallas).

Facing b hostility and strong opposition now from both Houses of Congress poor President Barak Obama could become even more isolated and unpopular than he is.

Can Obama still redeem his reputation? Can he actually still make a difference? Can he do something that will impress Americans and the World in the next six hundred days? Perhaps – but that would require him to take a central leadership role on the World stage, which he has so far failed to do. With world economics and trade still in the melting pot, Europe in turmoil, Islamic terrorists on the rampage and Russian aggression back on the agenda – he has plenty of scope to show his mettle surely?


[We in the UK and much of the World relies on the United States to be strong, effective and in control of their affairs – how confident are we now?]

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