The NHS is in death throes – – can it be brought back to Life?


There is a lot of hand wringing and wailing as the National Health Service faces death. It has been under the death sentence and on death row again ever since the Conservatives regained power five years ago, with the support of their cohorts the LibDems. Outpourings of grief from professionals far & wide, but not from the Tories, eh?

The Conservatives are ideologically opposed to the Health Service, aren’t they? They have done exactly what it said on the tin – got the NHS sick again, brought privatisation into the heart of the NHS, and got the NHS lined up for widespread takeover by their City health sharks. They vehemently deny it of course – like very career crook pleading innocence.

The NHS’ death warrant was first issued by the Tory Party some thirty-five years ago whence they tried to execute it under the nearly twenty years of PMs Thatcher & Major. The NHS knelt with its head on the block facing the executions axe, but Labour rode to the rescue in time (but at enormous cost).

Labour aren’t squeaky clean of course – even they got in bed with the private sector and brought-in commercial capital with disastrous results for the small parts of the NHS involved.

The general public are being bamboozled by politicians and false information. Joe Public has been led to believe that we actually ‘have’ a Private Health Service available in this Country – WE DON’T. It is a joke pseudo service that piggy backs on the NHS and is incapable of providing comprehensive health care. It is not like say America where they provide fully capable hospitals – they HAVE to there because they don’t have an NHS.

[US health care is the most costly (say £5K per person each year) but outcomes overall are relatively poor. Increasingly in the States the population can’t afford insurance or can’t get cover].

Private medicine in Britain is simply a parasitic money spinning machine devoid of compassion. It doesn’t train Consultants, Surgeons, Doctors or Nurses – no, it filches them from the NHS. It doesn’t provide ITUs & HDUs – when their patients need specialist intervention to save their lives, they ship them off to an NHS Hospital unit. They do the easy-peasy operations, but when their clients are in the real kacky they are back into the NHS system, aren’t they? They don’t do transplants or brain surgery and the like – that is NHS territory, isn’t it? It doesn’t fund its own medical research – it leaches off the results obtained by the NHS’ investments. It doesn’t always provide all its own facilities – if frequently squats in NHS premises. So called Private patients use their insurance cover to jump the waiting lists and then they dip in and out of the NHS system as it suits their personal medical situation. Private medicine makes its money by providing hotel style facilities & food with privileged medical care, while investing nothing in our real health service.

Some politicians are putting it around that the NHS can get sorted by riding two horses at once – the NHS & Private. It can’t be done can it? You can’t have the community funded NHS providing the wide-ranging difficult expensive stuff and an expanding private sector creaming off the money making stuff for profit, can you? It doesn’t work.

People in the United Kingdom need to be faced with a stark choice now. Opt for the NHS and accept it has to be properly funded with a percentage of GDP that matches other countries. OR take out private insurance for life and decide that your provider will (with substantially extended fees) properly cover full medical care and develop the total hospital facilities that are not there nowadays. YOU CAN’T RIDE TWO HORSES AT ONCE.



[The rich have been allowed to abuse the NHS, the masses have got away with not properly funding it, the NHS staff have been driven into the ground, and NOW you should have to make a choice BACK IT or DO YOUR OWN THING].


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