British Democracy – Dead as a Dodo?

DEMOCRACYThe Dodo went extinct over three hundred years ago, but when was the ultimate demise of our Country’s democracy? Indeed have we ever really had any true democracy here? Or was it just a desert type mirage?

Oh yes, we have all got the vote nowadays, BUT we still have no real say, have we? You didn’t think that our lords and masters were really going to allow us riffraff that did you?

In the United Kingdom we like to claim to be the oldest democracy (parliamentary perhaps, but it is probably India or Greece). What a joke. Despite the hundreds of years of struggle, countless deaths, and apparent progress, we are as far away from real democracy as ever, wouldn’t you say?

The powerful from the Monarch downwards continue to rule the roost, and the common man & woman dreams of influence on our society continue to get shattered.

The British people bravely fought and any died in two World Wars against Germany to protect our way of life, to keep control over our assets, to secure the lives of our lowly citizens, to stop being overrun by foreigners, and to control our own borders & laws.

Seventy years on, and our way of life is significantly diminished, our assets have been squandered, our lowly citizens wallow further in the gutter, foreigners pour onto our shores unabated, and our borders are open & our laws are made by a Europe run by Germany. The rich & powerful are even richer & more powerful now and our society is in danger of collapsing. That is British democracy for you, you see?

The voice of the people will NOT be heard. Those we acceded power to abuse it outrageously, simply follow their own agenda or ideology, and blatantly ignore the will of the people. Without any public mandate the politicians have handed-over the reins of power to unelected europium bureaucrats, who increasingly control our every aspect of life in the UK – and still the politicians won’t even let us voice our views, let alone make a decision (they know what is best for us ignorant plebs, you see?). The Parties tell a pack of lies about what they will do when they get the votes for power, and then they do all manner of things that nobody had voted for. That is British democracy for you, you see?

We supposedly have a unitary democracy under an unelected constitutional monarchy. We have a diversity of political views in the UK so a number of different parties to represent them, but they can’t get a look in, can they? The reason is that we operate an undemocratic ‘first-past-the-post’ voting system that prohibits them getting any say whatsoever, and allows the two big boys – Conservative and Labour – to share the spoils. The naive ‘silly boys’ LibDems though they could get the Tories to change the system to ‘proportional representation’ as widely used in the World, but that was never going to happen, was it? That is British democracy for you, you see?

Oh yes, our cousins in America are in equal if not worse trouble when it comes to democracy – money talks and when you can gather sheds loads of it you can ditch democracy in the normal sense of the word!


[The British voting public are increasingly losing hope that their vote has any meaning – thinking that the politicians simply get away with doing whatever they want? Are they right, you might ponder? (Seventy years ago 85% turnout down to 65% at the last General Election)].

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