Islam ‘enough is enough’ surely – time for repression?

The Islamic faith seems to be out of control, doesn’t it? It has apparently simply become a terrorist organisation, rather than a respected religion don’t you think? It presents itself nowadays as an oppressive intolerant over-powerful force determined to overrun all other religions, take over the world and obliterate all ‘non-believers’, wouldn’t you say?

Oh yes, the recent atrocities in Paris France, carried out in the name of their Prophet Mohammed, is the tip of the iceberg surely? All societies worldwide now live in constant fear of such moronic barbaric attacks, don’t they? The ongoing killings perpetuated by the followers of the Muslim faith are happening in an increasing scale on all continents these days, aren’t they? Prominent spokesperson Muslims, even when condemning murders, seem to add a rider that there was ‘provocation’ – some kind of unreal denunciation wouldn’t you say?

Unfortunately the Muslim communities everywhere, to their shame, have totally failed to take such matters on board or deal with them in any way, let alone effectively. The rest of us have had enough, haven’t we? We have had enough of their terrorist threats to our communities and murders on our city streets. We have had enough of their radical preachers living in our midst. We have had enough of their bombs on our trains and buses. We have had enough of the followers of their belief seeking jihad. We have had enough of radical Islam and promotion of extremist violence. We have had enough of the encouragement of martyrdom. We have had enough of the loss of life. We have had enough of extremists living in and contaminating our society. We have had enough of their constant threat. We have has enough of their denegation of our values. We have had enough of the cost & need for overbearing security measures at our airports that have destroyed the pleasure of flying anywhere. We have had enough of the invasive bag searches at all major venues. We have had enough of it all. We have has enough of Islam.

We now no longer view all Muslims as decent neighbours, but as people to be viewed with caution and suspicion and the more religious they are, the more bizarre their dress, the less we revere them and the more we fear them, wouldn’t you say?

There is a price for Islam to pay for all this though isn’t there. They have failed to keep their house in order, certainly? The tolerance, the patience, the indulgence, the respect of the British population has reached tipping point, perhaps? It has got to end and has got to end now. Britain is a multicultural society that promotes freedom of speech as well as freedom of religious belief – but you can’t have one and not the other as the Muslims seem to want. Criticise Islam or Mohamed and you are a target for death apparently?

Most of us have no wish to denigrate the Muslim (or any other) religion and particularly don’t approve of ‘offensive to Muslims’ cartoons – which we have never actually seen (as our own Press is too intimidated to show us). Many of us have indeed though lived cheek by jowl with families of that faith and often would classify many of them as close friends. But that is not good enough, is it? Why should we have to live in fear of their evil violent compatriots?

The world’s powers that be, have been operating defensively to fight off Islamic fanatics everywhere. But it is not working is? The time for such attempted defence against the extremists of Islam has run its course surely? This has to turn instead into attack. An aggressive attack on the elements of Islam that threatens others. It is inevitable that many Muslims will suffer unfortunately, but that is a price they need to pay for personally failing their religion and allowing it to become the pariah of the World, wouldn’t you say?

What is the answer then? Repression? England has got a track record of religious repression, and we thought we had left that behind hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately when needs must. What can we do? For a start require Islam, if it wants to remain a proscribed religion in the UK, to expunge from their Koran scripture the right of followers to kill unbelievers. Delete totally the concept of Jihad. Obliterate the promise of paradise for martyrdom. Abandon the concept of introduction or implementation sharia law in our Country and agree only to follow our legislated rule of law. Other issues might be considered like perhaps requiring Muslims to register their faith and agree to be bound with UK laws & procedures – no discrimination but recognition from the followrrs of the faith that it should not be forced on others no matter what?


[Islam is feared, hated, and despised in many countries now, and the true followers of that faith need to attract rather than intimidate, or their religion will surely be destroyed in their lifetime?]

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