Shrien Dewani is ‘NOT GUILTY’ of Annie Hindocha’s Murder – Justice in action or Justice Denied?

Anni Dewani murderedAnni Hindocha [MURDERED 13 November 2010]

Oh yes, the South African justice’s process has now been played out to the full in the Cape Town High Court, overseen by a very eminent female judge. A man has been cleared of involvement in a wife killing – but the trial didn’t run its full course did it? No. the Defence didn’t have to bother to present its case and the Accused did not have to explain nor justify his actions in open Court did he?

The outcome today will come as no shock or surprise to anyone reading or following this blog and to hear the news that Shrien Dewani is again free as a bird. It was foretold here more than a month ago – time and money could have been saved all round but that isn’t how it works does it? Things have to take their course in the legal system even when the result is obvious.

Previous post a month or so ago: A moot question now is whether this trial will run its full course or simply be truncated after the Prosecution has finished presenting their case, without the Defence needing to proceed.

Annie’s family have always known that there was nothing they could do to bring her back. All they wanted was for Dewani to answer in public for his part or non-part in what had happened to their loved one – reportedly they weren’t even looking for justice. They have been denied their wish unfortunately., probably forever. In Britain we are a fair minded people and as observers we also sought some closure and explanatory reason from Dewani for his disgraceful and disgusting behaviour. Shrien Dewani and Annie Hindocha were both British residents after all.

The Prosecution’s case was most probably lost four years ago in London really – so the British justice system has played a crucial part here hasn’t it? So don’t be complacent will you? A person suspected of murder was unbelievably protected from justice by our flawed legal system here, surely?

An extremely rich, medically well man, refused for months to go back to South Africa, where his new young wife had been shot to death, when he had abandoned her to her fate in a supposed carjacking. At the twelfth hour in fighting forced extradition from the UK to SA for questioning, his lawyers claimed he was suddenly mentally ill. Had he been under the care of our NHS for a while, or perhaps was it through his legal team that a private highly paid-for mental health Consultant gave him a protective diagnosis? Never been disclosed of course, but what is your guess? Even after three years when his medics lost the illness battle argument, he still violently fought against extradition – why was that you might wonder?  [You can’t ‘fake’ severe depression can you? Surely, you would have to be so well educated & informed and even coached – being in the care industry would help you of course but Dewani shouldn’t be accused of any of that milarky].

One has to take one’s hat off to the SA authorities though who rigorously stuck to the task of getting him back to face a Court in their country. It then takes some doing to mount a compelling court case of murder against a clever devious rich foreigner, four years after the deed, when your only real witness is an imprisoned a low life memory challenged lying convicted murderer, don’t you think. [Idiot taxi driver Tongo, who organized the murder, spent seven days on the stand to be torn to shreds by the smart-arsed Defence lawyer.

Previous post a month or so ago: Monies were paid out by Shrien Dewani certainly, but what hope have the Prosecution got of PROVING what it was for – there’s no paperwork involved in a ‘contract killing’ is there?

No one can really blame the South Africans for the failure of this world high profile case. Their police and authorities don’t have the resources or facilities to compare to our justice system in UK or USA. Oh true, they will have made a few errors & mistakes along the road but understandably so, don’t you think?

OK then, let’s also put the British Medical Profession in the dock as well, shall we? How comes then that a man with no psychotic illness history (or family genetic link) who suddenly becomes mentally ill with depression cannot be cured by the top eminent mental Consultants and unlimited money for three years, despite all the modern drugs and treatments (including ETC and rTMS) – could it be anything to do with the non-medical fact that he was facing an accusation of murder – and facing extradition & trial perhaps? Maybe though Dewani had been suffering from psychotic depression on his honeymoon in SA so was afflicted with delusions and hallucinations – that would explain a lot wouldn’t it?

Things failed for a conviction as soon as the Judge announced that under SA Law she wouldn’t consider Dewani’s ‘perverse’ sexuality as evidence so excluded it, and furthermore she decreed that motive had no cognisance within their legal process. That blew the whole case issue apart, because Annie’s seemingly senseless murder was deemed by the Prosecution to be linked solely to these issues – which the Court then was not prepared to consider at all (and would surely have been relevant in other places?).

Dewani’s defence apparently was to be that he was being ‘fitted-up’ – so if his reported claims are right the SA Authorities are the criminals here then? Why did they do that? One ponders as well how those morons already now convicted of the murder could have know before EVERYBODY else in the World that Dewani had a devastating hidden secret (he was a closet, male prostitute using, internet active promiscuous, homosexual), that his wife wanted a divorce after days after marriage, so that would have given him an unusual and unpredictable strong motive for murder – why did these killers bother to implicate him at all and right from the start?

Previous post a month or so ago: It is obvious that such an early marriage failure, following-on from a broken engagement to another girl, would have had a devastating impact on Dewani’s standing, both with his family and within the Hindu community – but that proves nothing, does it?.


[Mr Dewani is of course now totally innocent in law, and consequently he can continue his despicable lifestyle as he wishes – many will only hope that he doesn’t enjoy further good luck]



PRESIDING:  Deputy Judge President Jeanette Traverso

The first woman to assume a leadership position within the South African judiciary: the second woman to be appointed to the Bench in SA: the first woman to be appointed Deputy Judge President: the first woman to be called to the Cape Bar Council: the first woman to be conferred with Senior Counsel status.

Previously, a prosecutor in the magistrate courts & a State Advocate for the Attorney General.



Anni Dewani murdered in a Cape Town township

One thought on “Shrien Dewani is ‘NOT GUILTY’ of Annie Hindocha’s Murder – Justice in action or Justice Denied?

  1. I am really saddened by this. In 2014 this case and trial proves that people can still get away with murder. I am shocked and dismayed.


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