Our Society is increasing under threat of extinction – but ‘Civil Liberties’ are more important?


When the Coalition Government came to power, well over four years ago, they started dismantling some of our protection against the terrorist enemies in our midst (some home-grown). Whether or not that was down to the misplaced ‘do-gooder’ influence of the LibDems, goodness knows. How things change, eh?

The Home Secretary Theresa May has just now told the Country that the UK currently faces the greatest terrorist threat ‘ever’ – not a comfortable message, you might think? We are only now made aware that since their successful London bombings of 7/7 with over 50 killed & some 700 injured, there were in the past decade some forty terrorist plots ‘averted’ (planned bombing of the Stock Exchange, military & senior civil servant murders, marauding attacks, and other unspeakable things). Scary?

Well, what does that kind of analysis and warning actually mean then? New UK laws of course. But surely we already have more such protection laws than most other countries? Yeh, that might be true, but are we ALSO a country that is specifically and particularly at risk, you might ask? The answer to that has to be a resounding YES of course. Britain & America, and everything connected to us both, is the preferred target for the locally imbedded & world-roaming extremist Islamic terrorists. Why is that then? It is because we represent everything that they hate – a equal type society, a powerful security enabled cohesive democratic world operative force, that is capable of defeating their bigoted religiously driven need to oppress enslave and annihilate ‘unbeliever’ populations in the desire to promulgate their faith (despite the teachings of their own scriptures).

You won’t be overly surprised anybody will you, but the civil liberty cry-babies are already on the case? It is important to these misguided campaigners you see that the deadly killers are given full freedom to promote their ideology and carry out their evil deeds in the guise of the personal independence of us all (Guy Fawkes in 1605 should have been allowed to blow-up Parliament to demonstrate our Country’s appetite for ‘freedom of expression’, do you think?).

New measures are likened by them to destruction of the principles of the Latin-written Magna Carta (the ‘Great Charter’ of 1215) which mythically provided the personal liberty of Englanders – it was in fact a peace treaty to protect the powerful Barons from the overriding power of the King!

You see they say counter terrorism legislation is dangerously overbroad, actually undermines all our civil liberties but then also badly affects ethnic minority including Muslim groups, as well as destroying fundamental human rights. But to the majority in the United Kingdom, the extremist terrorist individuals & groups fester in such Muslim minority ethnic groups and have no valid link to human rights – so the general population here are well prepared to forgo ‘unimportant & insignificant’ so called civil liberties to help root out the terrorists and expunge them from our society, don’t you believe?


[‘Terrorism’ is possibly the greatest world challenge of our age, while ‘Civil Liberties’ and ‘Human Rights’ in Britain should possibly be treated with antipathy?]

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