UK Immigration is a hot topic – too hot to handle?


The general public in Britain have been worried about immigration for decade upon decade upon decade. It certainly was an issue as early as the late nineteen sixties – in those days it was all about black migrant people swamping this Country – now it’s all about the Poles and other eastern Europeans isn’t it?. We had a very senior politician and great orator in those old days making speeches warning about the perceived economic burden dangers of ‘unchecked’ immigration (a foresight overwhelmingly supported by the public, but widely & unfairly maligned) – “rivers of blood” Enoch Powell; and nowadays we get akin predictions from an emerging politician of some oratory – like millions of Bulgarians & Romanians would be heading for the UK this year “Britain to be swamped” Nigel Farage.

It is not all about hostilities and interracial tension raising, but sensible grown-up debate on immigration policies rather than combative rhetoric, surely? The three main parties however have spent the last few years deliberately NOT getting into any dispute on immigration because it is a hot potato isn’t it? You see immigration is a topic that involves ‘foreigners’ so when you get into talking about it you risk getting accused of racism, don’t you?

Well, UKIP the new kid on the block delighted the population and DID raise the problem of immigration to the level of national visibility – guess what? The three main parties then accused them again, again, and again of RACISM! But that didn’t wash or cut any ice with the voting public did it? No – they voted for UKIP in droves for the EU Elections, the Local Elections, and the By-Elections.

The Conservatives recently cracked and generated additional policy on immigration to try to counter the challenge of UKIP. Labour (under Ed Miliband) finally cracked as well and trotted-out their new policy on immigration as well. These moves rather than stealing UKIP’s clothes and thunder, simply reinforced the public’s opinion that UKIP were the party to trust, the one party that had been right all along, and the underdog party that had been unfairly rubbished by the big boys.

The big party spokespersons keep assuring us though that immigration is ‘good’ for us. That it is ‘good’ for the Country, that the interlopers mostly pay their taxes, mostly doesn’t claim benefits, and mostly make a ‘positive’ contribution. This completely misses the bleeding point though doesn’t it? The Country is too bloody full isn’t it? It’s like saying prise more passengers into a fully loaded bus, or have people hanging off a crowded train (like in Bangladesh), to generate more fares. Madness?

England has probably the HIGHEST density of population in Europe. That is why we have insufficient houses; it is why our properly prices continue to go through the roof despite recessions and austerity measures; it is why schools are so full (and bereft of playing fields) and kids have to travel tens of miles to get their education in overcrowded classrooms; it is why we keep having to build on supposedly protected green-belt land; it is why increasingly so many, particularly the young, work in jobs that don’t pay a living wage, consequently they are consigned to a life of poverty; it is why the NHS doesn’t cope and very ill people waitexcessively to be seen at A&E and the sick can’t get a GP appointment;  it is why we can no longer feed our population and import nearly a third of our food; it is why our roads are chock-a-block with cars and juggernauts; it is why we annually generate four hundred million tons of rubbish with sixty million tons going to landfill; it is why our public transport infrastructure is creaking at the joints and rail fares are the highest possibly in the world; it is why our energy & water supply facilities are overloaded and so expensive; it is why we have numerous other problems & difficulties, don’t you think?

Over four years ago PM David Cameron claimed the Tories would stop immigration in its tracks – reduce it to ‘tens of thousands’ net, by next summer no less. Only now do they admit what has been obvious to everyone else for years, that it is NOT going to happen (it is soaring up to a quarter of a million; the excuse being they have been ‘blown-off course’ by EU immigration – and anyway their priority is economic prosperity and wellbeing).

“Levels of immigration can return to where they were in the 1980s and 90s. Net migration to this country will be in the order of tens of thousands each year. No ifs. No buts. That’s a promise we made to the British people.” David Cameron].

Labour can also hang their head in shame, cant they? They have masterminded a welfare system that now attracts migrants like a mouth to a candle flame (with such things as working tax credits, measures that can only encourage over-breeding here, and the sending money overseas to support people who have never ever set foot in this Country); oh yes, they also opened the floodgates to eastern Europeans instead of operating like others, reasonable transitional arrangements, and didn’t even protect existing residents workers’ jobs.

The LibDems can always be relied on to be a soft touch on everything, and that of course includes immigration. They love it, and the EU, so (under Nick Clegg) they won’t try to halt it or slow it down will they? No, they are going to fix the problems of too many here and others coming in, by monitoring better those leaving?

An immense insurmountable problem is that the UK Government currently can’t control in any way whatsoever where immigrants end up, so they actually congregate in specific favoured locations – effectively swamping them sometimes.

The largest numbers of migrants hail from India, Poland, Pakistan and Ireland and statistically migrant settlements are mostly in London, the South East, Tyne & Wear, Yorkshire, and the Humber.

Poles inhabit Lincolnshire’s Boston and West London’s Ealing, Iraqis like Hull, Zimbabweans head to Leicester, Bulgarians to Herefordshire, Lithuanians and Latvians fancy Peterborough, Slovaks live in Warrington, many migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and African Eritrea will be found in Birmingham, the Chinese also keenly go to Birmingham or over the border to Glasgow.


[The UK cannot take control of its borders and limit immigration because the EU requires all member states to operate an open door policy for each other – Article 45 requires free movement of labour]

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