Islam in the United Kingdom – do Muslims need to take care?


In Britain there is an immense amount of tolerance, isn’t there? We have a very diverse community where race and religion don’t in the most part cause division. Oh yes, we have our brainless bigots of course who tirade against those they see as undesirable fellow citizens – but they are few and far between thank goodness.

In past centuries we had a dreadful record of oppression against specific groups in our society – for example we had Catholic & Protestant religious purges, inquisitions, torture, killings and the like; we also had slaves and indeed actively participated in the slave trade. We thought we had though put all that kind of malarkey behind us long ago, but no.

We now have a rapidly growing religious element in our Country, who has some members that are not satisfied with equality, not satisfied with living in an indulgent environment, not satisfied with freedom of speech, not satisfied with unlimited freedom to practice their faith. No, they want to destroy kuffar ‘non-believers’, and even destroy the fabric of the society in which they jointly live.

It has always been the problem of religion that intolerance becomes a growing cancer and violence becomes an accepted tool to promote faith – even when it goes against the teachings of their god. That is what we are now facing in Britain.

The followers of the Islamic faith are walking a thin line here, don’t you think? There is a limit that British society can be pushed to before there is a deep reaction. The British public are getting increasingly fed-up with the massive growth of Islam and the actions of parts of the Islamic community – plotting to exterminate Christianity, discrimination against women, identity hiding Islamic dress, grooming gangs and sexual exploitation of non-Muslim girls, pollution of our education system, issuing of fatwa’s, rapes, radicalisation, jihadism, atrocities, beheadings, and UK & Worldwide terrorism to boot. We are sick of harbouring enemies in our midst. The worm is turning.

An increasing amount of effort and resources are going into protecting our society against extremist Muslims – and their numbers are growing exponentially. It can’t go on like this, can it? If it does, then Muslims can expect restrictive actions to be taken by the general community to deal with things. It is highly undesirable as we don’t go in for any kind of discrimination in this Country, but that could all change if the majority feel terminally threatened, couldn’t it? Although this is officially a Christian country, we don’t operate in a religious manner, most of us look favourably on Muslims and indeed many-many of us have had Muslin friends, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances, suppliers, customers,  and the like, for donkey’s years.

What is to be done then? Well the ball is in the Muslim community court isn’t it? Their respected religion is being high jacked by a relative few evil men & women – a tiny minority. Their genuine faith is being abused and undermined by a set of violent out-of-control psychopathic thugs. Only Muslims can put a stop to it, surely? They need to take back control over Mosques, throw out the preachers of hate, teach their young followers about British tolerance to other religions, emphasise the peaceful aspects of their Koran rather than violence to other faiths, and stamp on the radicalisation that pollutes the minds of some followers. Mainstream Muslim leaders including Imams turn a blind eye, pay lip service to the need for decisive deeds against extremism in their religion, action doesn’t happen, and it all doesn’t wash, does it? Action not ‘clouded’ words is required at last, isn’t it?


[British Muslims need to gain a proper voice, with or without their current ineffective leaders, before the wider community loses patience, don’t you think?]

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