UKIP take ‘Rochester’ – a mould breaking by-election triumph?


RESULT 04.15 hrs

It may well have been soundly predicted by the polls, but nevertheless it was an amazing event TODAY for Mark Reckless to become UKIP’ssecond’ Member of Parliament, wasn’t it?

Rochester had been in a Conservative strong area for some thirty years and with the new boundaries had a massive Tory majority last time– but that safe seat has been trounced as Reckless retained his MP’s job under different colours.

He won by a repectfully  long way considering the Conservatives had thrown everything at HIM it and it, including money and resources into the constituency, plus Tory Prime Minister Cameron giving it his personal attention as well, and no less than five campaigning visits.

Douglas Carswell MP who retained Clacton last month, of course had led the way as the other parliamentary Tory defector from Conservative to UKIP. Both he and Reckless have smashed the theory of Conservatives & Labour alike that UKIP couldn’t win seats at Westminster (a surprising contention when they were both been beaten into a cocked hat at last year’s EU elections, surely?)

The media have certainly got it in for UKIP, which is not surprising when British newspapers are primarily Tory, a few Labour, and a bit of LibDem support – on television we might expect personal allegiances with the main parties to have developed over the years, but it is more surprising that the BBC seem to be also jumping on the bandwagon of slating UKIP at every opportunity, don’t you think? It is almost as if there is a concerted attempt to snuffle their rocket flame before it can fully fire off.

There is no doubt that UKIP is in its infancy as a party and has yet to grow-up, so picking holes in their individuals’ performances or party capability, is like taking candy from a baby, don’t you think?

In this Rochester by-election the PM, launching their fight back had said they “are throwing the kitchen sink” at the campaign to win, but that was before the Tories had selected a ‘no-hoper’ candidate wasn’t it? Cameron ought to be red-faced over their humiliating defeat – but will he be?

Labour’s candidate was the daughter of an immigrant which normally wouldn’t have been even noticed, but it can’t have done her much good in an election high jacked by issues of immigration, can it? The decimation of Labour’s support six months before a General Election should be ringing alarm bells in Ed Miliband’s head – but will it be?

The ‘no-show’ by LibDem voters, and their lost deposit, comes as no surprise. Nick Clegg should reconsider his position – but will he?

For UKIP Nigel Farage will claim the ‘People’s Army’ marches towards victory (and breaking the mould of British Politics), but the knives are out for him so he should beware – but will he?


[WINNERS: UKIP [16876 42%] Mark Reckless and up from 0%

Second: Conservatives [13947 35%] and down from 49%

Third: Labour [6713 17%] and down from 29%

Nowhere: LibDems [349 1%] and down from 16%, but just ahead of the Monster Raving Looney party

(13 Candidates standing – was that unlucky for some?)]


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