RAPISTS galore – the British Justice system stinks?


In the UK it is a fact that MOST rapists get away with it. You see rape is rarely witnessed (and the men ALWAYS  say it was consentual)  so we get extremely low conviction rates and an even lower reporting rate (because women are regularly disbelieved or put through hell when exposing it). Even when the rapists don’t escape justice, they hardly get true punishment do they? Why is that you might ponder?

Is it certainly and surely because of MEN? It is men who control such things, as they always have, and men do not really understand the consequences of female rape do they?

Men seem to think that it is just an ‘unfortunate’ sexual act that surely can be forgotten? Well it can’t, and for a woman it is a lifelong ‘unforgotten’ nightmare, a violation that ruins their life. “Anyway she must have asked for it”, some men seem to believe. In some of our sick communities. it is even the woman that is stigmatised by being raped, to the extent that she is ostracised if she has the courage to tell of it.

Men traditionally use rape, particularly in conflict situations as an overpowering weapon factor and a victorial punishment on their opponents – in more peaceful times rape becomes men’s controlling oppression of their societies

The Authorities, the Police, the Courts, and even the Judges don’t seem to have ‘got it’ though do they – despite decades upon decades of evidence? OK there is a ‘pretence’ that rape is treated seriously in Britain, but it is a facade as we all know, isn’t it?

Do all you men treat rape seriously? Only when it is YOUR wife or daughter or granddaughter raped, perhaps?

The current UK news is all about a rapist, a professional footballer no less, and on his release from jail his understandable ambition to return to his extremely highly paid occupation. Amongst those that support that intention are his previous employers, who are unforgivably focused on the glory or money it can make them (he is a Welsh international & star striker you see) – he is a financial valuable asset naturally (£3milliuon?) – so they are not too much swayed by the morality of the issue (which certainly their sponsors & many of their supporters are, though).

A lot of the public argument focuses around the issue that the man should be allowed to get on with his life as he has ‘served his time’ – indeed paid his debt to society no less.

But DID he? NO of course NOT. He was leniently (?) sentenced to 5 years in jail, but was released early (after only half that time) simply because our crap justice system allows it, to keep the numbers down (and not because the criminals deserve it). Did he spend his time in a cushy jail surrounded by supportive fellow rapists? We will never know will we?

Was he rehabilitated then, as the current prison system apparently sets out to do? Did he have sex counselling to alter his attitude to sex & rape? Did he attempt to atone? Did he show due remorse for his actions? Did he show he cared about the dramatic effect on the nineteen year old girl victim? Did he even display any shame for cheating on his rich girlfriend and humiliating her & her respectable family? Was he severely punished in a hell hole of a prison so that his professional fitness & ability to rape a woman was destroyed forever?

Certainly NOT! Dream on everybody! He came out, without humility, without remorse, without regret, even without admitting his crime, but with plenty of money and the proclamation that he was an innocent man, so his victim was the culpable one? This was a man proven ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ to be guilty of rape by a jury in a major trial in a senior British court. His fellow traveller, another footballer, in the attack on the female (while others watched) was acquitted. The Judge who heard ALL the evidence in the case (unlike the rest of us outsiders) considered it serious enough to give him five years in jail (and refused leave to appeal) – that was no slap on the wrist for a minor misdemeanour, was it? Indeed the Judge told him “You have thrown away the successful career in which you were involved”

Oh yes, he still appealed of course (ALL criminals do that these days, don’t they) but that was THROWN OUT, with his full sentence upheld.

Why do the media give such an evil unrepentant man the time of day, you might ask? It is reported that he has now asked, and been granted, a review of his conviction, which apparently is being ‘fast tracked’  by the CCRC – why the hell is that? It is being dealt with ‘in weeks’ rather than nearer a couple of years as normal (all other applicants will then have to WAIT behind him). Would a released ‘non-rich’ ‘nonentity’ Dagenham or Manchester convicted  rapist, ‘not backed by a multimillionaire prospective farther in law’, get that priority, you might think worth considering?.

This man is currently now being allowed to train alongside (?) presumably ‘non-criminal players’ at Sheffield United Football Club [they and their families must be happy to be associated as colleagues or friends with a rapist and someone on the sex offenders register for life?]. Indeed it is a club with a proud history (past League & FA Cup winners as well), sadly now contaminated by their decision to act indecently, surely? [Within weeks of prison he was back at the club]. Surely they dare not re-employ him – so why is he even there?

It is not so much that a footballer is a ‘role model’, because you can be assured that many-many are anything but. No, it is that when a player pulls on a club’s football shirt, proudly displaying their badge, and runs out onto a park, he is publically representing that club and all that it stands for, in front of many-many thousands of people. If you were one of the more than half a million Sheffielders, or indeed a ‘Blades’ football club supporter, how would you like to see a convicted rapist as your iconic representative?

Many individual lose their previous livelihood after becoming ‘criminals’ and getting jail sentences, including MPs, lawyers, directors, bankers, clergy, teachers, social workers, medics, police & prison officers, and many others – so why should an exception be made for footballers (however good they might be), you might ask?


[It is an ongoing ‘soundless’ crime and an un-washable ‘shame’ to British culture that it is estimated that rape and sexual assault is so commonplace that it happens to three out of ten women – that means it is bound to be someone you know doesn’t it? Some nine out ten women suffer without even reporting it – that is a devastating and scandalous reflection on our society’s attitude to rape and the effectiveness of our legal system & its justice, wouldn’t you say?]

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