‘Children in Need’ – who needs it?


Most people in the World will never have heard of a UK charity called ‘Children in Need’ have they? Should they even care? Perhaps?

It is something that has been going-on now for nearly thirty-five years though, and is organised by the internationally respected BBC TV. Tonight they have an annual major night of empowering transmission (ditching ALL their main regular programming for the night and going on until the early hours of the morning indeed), when they give their viewers some insight into the disturbing trauma of some children, and to the efforts by groups and individuals to raise monies to help such needy children. Their cause is supported by internationally renowned artists performing for free. Be warned though, if you have never seen it before, some of it can be quite heart rendering, as it sometimes deals with kids in desperate need.

For some thirty years the ‘mascot’ for the appeal has been a yellow cuddly bear called ‘Pudsey’ that carries a catching bandana eye-patch. The emphasis is on helping disabled, often very ill, and disenfranchised children. It expects to raise about fifty million pounds each year now, and already has contributed over half a billion pounds so far for children in the United Kingdom – it doesn’t have an international angle.

The main point here is that people in ALL counties CAN care about the children in their midst who are suffering through ‘no fault of their own’. Perhaps you can be the one who cares and can contribute towards the help needed in your country or local community? Can you make a difference?


[None of us does enough for our country’s vulnerable children do we?]

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