The ‘next’ Prime Minister of Britain – ‘Cameron’, ‘Miliband,’ or ‘Someone-Else’?



Next May the public will have their say again, and a General Election will determine who governs the United Kingdom for a while – whether it will be for a full five years is in the melting pot, don’t you think?

The two main political parties, Conservatives and Labour are both in the doldrums with hardly a fag-paper between them election wise, with only six months to go. That is because (like supermarket Tesco’s) the previously loyal supporters are fed up with the service provided by both, and feel abandoned & abused, wouldn’t you say?

We have now got two leaders that both public & supporters do not relate to. Cameron is seen as an upper-class wide boy spiv, while Miliband comes across as a toff pseudo working-class non entity. Cameron is a resident Prime Minister who doesn’t engender any trust, while Miliband doesn’t engender any trust to be a Prime Minister. Cameron has plenty of passion but isn’t believable, while Miliband is believable but has zero passion. What a dilemma faces the British public when they come to a vote, eh?

The Rochester by-election won’t help either of them, will it? The Conservatives will lose big time, despite them throwing the kitchen sink at it, and Labour will not only be trounced but will have the ignominy of seeing many of their previous voters (as much as a third?) boosting a UKIP (a predominately Tory based political entity) renowned success.

A few months ago Cameron’s name was in the frame to get the chop as Leader of his party amid fears that he was leading the Conservatives into defeat and had completely lost the plot, along with the European battle to Nigel Farage’s UKIP. Last week it was Miliband’s turn to come under pressure, as it was reported far and wide that a gaggle of his MPs wanted him to stand down as Leader of the Labour party due to his very poor public rating. It is of course all a bit of a joke really as there is no chance either party is going to switch horses so close to a General Election – well not unless one of their leaders falls under a bus (and neither man has the decency to do that!). [ALL three main party leaders get NEGATIVE ratings in public satisfaction surveys, don’t they?]

Labour has squandered a six point poll lead and we seem to be heading for a hung parliament – and that is almost certain to see heads roll amongst the current three leaders. The Tories have George Osborne, Theresa May, Boris Johnson certainly anticipating the call to step-up to the plate, with Jeremy Hunt a rank outsider possibly? Labour don’t seem to have an obvious favourite (because Alan Johnson won’t play ball) but Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham are all front-runners, while Chuka Umunna is probably one for the future, wouldn’t you say? For the LibDems if Nick Clegg gets his P45 then his boots will be quickly filled by popular Vince Cable probably?


[Leader Ratings (Ipsos Mori): CAMERON with negative 48%/ CLEGG with negative 53%/ MILIBAND with negative 56%

Party Voting Intentions (UKPR Average): LAB 33%/ CON 32%/ UKIP 16%/ LDEM 8%]

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