Shrien Dewani on trial for Murder (November 13) – is it getting anywhere?

Anni Dewani murderedAnni Hindocha [MURDERED]


Today 13th November 2014 is the fourth anniversary of the gun murder of Anni Hindocha in the Gugulethu township outside Cape Town South Africa. RIP



[Dewani stands accused of arranging the murder of his twenty-eight year old wife Anni Hindocha (aka Dewani) on their South African ‘honeymoon’ four years ago].

Another week has nearly passed by with more adjournments and seemingly very little real progress. Read news of ‘dramatic events’ in Court with a pinch of salt – much of the evidence has been predictable (but of course it has to be presented nevertheless).

Certainly the Prosecution opened-up some significant substantiation that the sham marriage was unravelling right from the very start; Anni’s e-mails make it plain that she was ready to call it a day, and that detail supports the testimony of Anni’s cousin (which earlier had been rubbished by the Defence); and she also identified that her husband’s ‘feelings’ weren’t real and that things were a ‘pretence’ (hardly surprising when he was a closet homosexual, is it?).

[It is obvious that such an early marriage failure, following-on from a broken engagement to another girl, would have had a devastating impact on Dewani’s standing, both with his family and within the Hindu community – but that proves nothing, does it (particularly when the Judge has decreed she is not interested in the prosecution proving ‘motive’)?].

Oh yes, of course the Defence succeeded with a revelation that the murder was not a well organised professional style execution killing – the killers were, we already knew though, simply amateur village idiots (some revelation there then, eh?).

The Prosecution’s ‘previously unannounced’ need to call two new witnesses, had annoyed the Judge, and indeed had caused the latest adjournment yesterday and today – so the trial is due to recommence tomorrow so they can give evidence.


[Repeated from previous posts:-

Monies were paid out by Shrien Dewani certainly, but what hope have the Prosecution got of PROVING what it was for – there’s no paperwork involved in a ‘contract killing’ is there?]


A moot question will be whether this trial will run its full course or simply be truncated after the Prosecution has finished presenting their case, without the Defence needing to proceed]

PRESIDING:  Deputy Judge President Jeanette Traverso

The first woman to assume a leadership position within the South African judiciary: the second woman to be appointed to the Bench in SA: the first woman to be appointed Deputy Judge President: the first woman to be called to the Cape Bar Council: the first woman to be conferred with Senior Counsel status.

Previously, a prosecutor in the magistrate courts & a State Advocate for the Attorney General.



Anni Dewani murdered in a Cape Town township

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