Children, Children, Children – one too many?


The UK is little different from the rest of the World is it? We are all making too many children, so the population everywhere is growing-growing-growing, and as a result all mankind is steadily destroying our lovely planet by sucking-out its lifeblood of resources.

The total World’s population is now well over seven billion (that is 7,000,000,000 men, women & children) and has been growing exponentially for no less than fifty years now (and is continuing)! Worrying? In past eras many populations have been devastated by natural disasters, decease, lack of food & water, and of course a lot of killing. That all meant that the species response was to have as many offspring as possible to sustain human numbers. While the driving forces for that for the best part have been eliminated, the procreation instinct is still prevalent and many-many-many  children are still unnecessarily being brought into the world, aren’t they?

We are doing it big time in Britain as well, and we are literally basically physically falling over each other these days, with one of the highest population densities (particularly in England) in the whole wide World – not a clever win for a small island is that, do you think? We have got at least some sixty-five million currently living here – no wonder our social structures (like NHS, housing, schools, policing, resources of energy & water, etc) are creaking?

We have a particular problem in Britain as well though don’t we? For many-many-many decades we allowed children to be created by people who can’t afford them, or won’t support them. Oh yes, it happens in some other countries as well, but we excel at it here don’t we?

Our society has evolved into a situation where man’s renowned sexual drive is now indulged by so many women with so little regard to the consequences – children. Fidelity is in modern times a long lost characteristic to a great extent in both men & women, don’t you think?

It all started of course some fifty years ago in Britain with the contraceptive pill that allowed women to have physical relations but avoid the risk of pregnancy. But these days many women must surely be mentally challenged by thinking that it is OK to have unprotected sex? They apparently are surprised (despite our extremely high literacy rate & our extensive & compulsory educational system), about human fertility, to suddenly discover a new life is growing inside their body. Is there any horror or shame that they have created life often without the essential ability or commitment to support it? Of course NOT! Our community these days simply indulges such irresponsible behaviour – by both women and men. Single unattached young mothers are mollycoddled, given all kinds of support, live on welfare and often have never done (or do) a day’s work in their life, are given a free flat (and then a house if they get some more children by multiple fathers) and introduce their kids into a life of poverty. How is that right? How is that responsible? How is that caring for children? How is that a good result for our society?

It doesn’t stop there though does it? No, apart from the single male studs who get their multiple girlfriends pregnant, we get married or partner men, whose relationships break up and they then abandon their children to the mothers financially, and both emotionally, and responsibility wise as well. How do we let them get away with it, you might ponder?

In the long distant past in this Country men were responsible for their offspring and formed stable family units with a joint objective to successfully bringing-up a brood; men worked their guts out to provide a home and succour for their female and their offspring. [It is what happens even in the wild with, many animals that mate for life (like wolves. gibbons & voles), ninety percent of birds (like swans, albatross & love birds), even fishes (like angelfish & cichlid) all being monogamous to look after and rear their offspring – it ensures survival of their species you see?

How times have changed eh, how people have changed, how relationships have changed, how attitudes have changed, how we have endangered our society in the United Kingdom?

Loyalty, faithfulness, and family life commitment has long gone out of the window in this country, hasn’t it?

The court system used to frighten boys if they got a girl pregnant (and girls were scared of the consequences of sex) – but that all stopped a long while ago, didn’t it? To try to halt the father absconders (OK there are a minority of females) our government enacted the Child Support Agency (CSA) twenty-one years ago to bring them to heel. Demonstrable, it was a disaster initially, and its actions have been modified considerably. But is it effective now? Can it EVER succeed in our current indulgent & irresponsible society? Does it actually hold fathers to account, get them to properly financially support their own children, or even care about their circumstances? Probably NOT.

In the news you will probably have seen reports of criminals done for fraud, caught out avoiding taxes, captured fiddling benefits, hauled over the coals for non-payment of fines, and the likes. When did you last hear of a father (employed or self-employed) investigated & punished for lying to the CSA about their income (to avoid child maintenance), or banged-up for not paying (often a pittance for their youngsters)? NEVER? Why is that then? Not seen as it should be, as criminal activity is it? That is because the ‘abandoned’ kids and their needs are at the bottom of the pile, the lowest in priority, and not deserving of the resources needed to enforce such much needed social justice (speeding & parking ticket enforcement is MUCH more urgent isn’t it?).


[A married or civil partnership couple need to have a maximum of ‘two children’ (and three is one too many!) but ONLY if they are affordable within the family, and must be maintained by the parents until adulthood. Unstable relationships should not begat children at all, and State facilities should no longer give support to that kind of lifestyle, but instead should be directed to solely protecting the children, don’t you think?]

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